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Labyrinth Character Sweater-1Made By Us
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Women's Hi-Lo Labyrinth Owl Ugly Christmas Sweater-update12Made By Us
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Labyrinth Deluxe Jareth Adult Costume-update1Made By Us
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Labyrinth Jareth Adult CostumeMade By Us
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Labyrinth Jareth Adult WigMade By Us
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Labyrinth Adult Ludo CostumeMade By Us
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Labyrinth Ludo Mini BackpackMade By Us Coming Soon
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Labyrinth Adult Sarah CostumeMade By Us Coming Soon
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Labyrinth Sir Didymus Plush Sold Out
Labyrinth Firey Plush Sold Out
Ludo from Labyrinth Plush Sold Out

Ludo from Labyrinth Plush

Labyrinth Christmas Disk Ornaments 3-PackMade By Us Sold Out
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Labyrinth Poster Ice Gray Men's T-Shirt  
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Big hair, David Bowie, puffy sleeves. . . is there anything more quintessential than the cult classic, The Labyrinth? It’s such a perfect symbol of the eighties. It has everything an epic story could ask for from the empowered teen fighting for her family to the enrapturing goblin king, Jareth, and of course, we can’t forget about all the friends that Sarah meets along the twists and turns of the maze. It’s kind of amazing, re-watching the movie and realizing how much work went into making all the intricate puppets. We almost wish that we could get to know the gentle giant, Ludo. We don’t really feel that way about the rascally, Hoggle but he certainly made the story interesting. While we would never want to get stuck in the treacherous labyrinth that Jareth has created, we don’t mind revisiting this movie again and again.

 Maybe you saw Labyrinth when it first came out in 1986. Maybe you were inspired by Sarah’s dramatic style, her long flowing hair and her teenage need to be special. Or perhaps you saw it decades after the release after it became a cult classic. Maybe you fell in love with David Bowie’s suave performance, the unpredictable musical interludes and (let’s not forget) the goblin king’s top-level eyeliner. No matter how you learned about the mystic of this eighties favorite, you deserve to both celebrate the film in your own house and distribute the love to your Labyrinth fan friends.

Lucky for you, we have gifts for Labyrinth friends of all ages. Little ones can cuddle our plush Ludo if they need a little gentle giant in their life. They can tell him all their worries and you can tell he understands from the tender look in his eyes. Know someone who’s moving into the concrete confines of a dorm room? While their walls might not be poster friendly they can still display their fascination with this movie when they throw the Labyrinth pillow on their futon. Hey, maybe the wild picture on this pillow will inspire a fellow Freshman to borrow their copy of the DVD. It could be the start of a beautiful friendship! And for grown-up fans who work in an office, we have a Pop vinyl Sarah and worm collection. And of course, we don't only have décor either, we have all sorts of apparel. Our Labyrinth Christmas sweaters will be a hit during the holidays. Or if you’re ready to celebrate the movie during the summer throw on one of our cool, vintage looking t-shirts and see along with “You Remind Me of the Babe”.

There are so many reasons to love The Labyrinth. It’s not only about Bowie singing his rock ballads or the epic fight that a girl fought to find her baby brother despite all the walls and creatures that stood in her way. These days, it’s about all the fans that love the movie together. It’s shared between generations of all sorts of people. So, might as well celebrate the bond with our Labyrinth gifts. And hey, if you like what you got, leave a little of that love here! Post a picture and a review. You just might make us dance the magic dance!