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If you or someone you know loves horror movies, you'll probably want to get them some horror movie collectibles. We have quite a few options to choose from, whether you're looking for collectible horror action figures, horror Pop! figurines or collectible props. Find your favorites from villains like Freddy, Michael and Jason to critters like the Gremlins and Xenomorphs.
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Ghosts in a haunted house. Zombies after an apocalypse. Manic killer on the loose—we love the thrill of watching scary movies. The scarier, the better. Watching a movie through the cracks of your fingers, half-covered by a blanket or hiding under a date's arm is more exciting; it creates more of an experience! Horror flicks are some of the most memorable because they're bloody and bloody awesome. (It's the only way to see Johnny Depp eviscerated on a waterbed.)

If you feel the most alive when screaming at the TV "what are you doing? turn a light on" or no dummy, don't go in that ridiculously-creepy cabin" then it's safe to call yourself a horror movie fan just like us. Whether Hannibal Lector is your idea of the most iconic serial killer or supernatural monsters give you the best jump scares, then you came to the right place. We have horror movie collectibles to satisfy your thirst for terror. Line your den, bookcase or office desk with these horror collectibles to show off your flair for all things fear. We have Pop Vinyl figurines, action figures, Head Knockers, bobbleheads and resin busts depicting many horror characters from different movies and television shows! 

If you loved Netflix's 2016 breakout hit, Stranger Things, then be sure to browse our wide selection of Stranger Things merchandise. We have the complete Funko series and you can collect all the different Elevens. We have the classic 'Eleven with Eggos' Pop illustrating a roughed-up Eleven wearing a baseball jacket and pink dress holding a waffle. We also have the 'Eleven Elevated' Pop depicting El from season 2, complete with dark eye makeup and a bloody nose. Show friends and co-workers that you're a mega-fan by collecting all the Stranger Things Pops in the whole series; we even have a Hopper holding a donut Pop vinyl. 

If you find classic horror movies cinematically breathtaking and just downright entertaining then check out all of our iconic horror movie figurines to decorate display cases in your game room or entertainment center. We have high-end collectible statues featuring hand-painted details and digitally mastered sound effects, like the Freddy Krueger premium motion statue. Freddy is one of the most charismatic killers with some of the best one-liners (Chucky is a close second). This deluxe statue says 9 digitally mastered sound effects from the movie, Nightmare on Elm Steet. Another great option for classic horror movie fans is the Friday the 13th 7-inch Jason action figure. Not only does it come with 3 alternate heads to switch up the figure's face, but it also comes with 3 weapons and a gravestone—it's like 3 figures in one! 

Have our horror movie collectibles sent chills down your spine? Are you planning on acquiring a caboodle of fictional murderers and other dark phantoms to decorate your desk? Send us a picture so we can see the spooky squad! If there are horror movie collectibles you'd like to see us carry, give us some recommendations. We want to provide the most horrifying ones! 

Horror Collectibles

Did you know that fear and excitement are the same emotion, but they feel differently based on the context of the situation? Whether you’re riding a rollercoaster or running from an ax-wielding murderer, your heart is beating faster and your adrenaline is pumping. No wonder why people love being scared—it’s a huge rush! If sitting down to watch a horror movie makes you feel more alive than ever before, grab a caboodle of horror collectibles and decorate your living space because there’s nothing like a greeting from the Alien Queen after a long day of work!

Horror Movie Collectibles

Horror Movie Collectibles

A spooky ambiance is a memorable one! Decorate your den, office, or bedroom with these horror movie collectibles and wait for screams and shrieks to ensue. At least you’ll know your house guests are entertained by your scary pop-culture décor. We love positioning the pernicious playthings together, the Exorcist doll looks particularly sinister standing next to the talking Chucky doll. Waking up to Chucky’s demonic Good Guy cackle is an experience you’ll never forget! Accent the rough-looking dolls by lining shelves and desks with other horror movie collectibles to both unnerve and alarm anyone brave enough to enter your haunting homestead. We recommend the Spider Gremlin figure and the Leatherface action figure because they’re both terrifying and highly-detailed horror movie collectibles. You can spot these monstrosities from a distance!

Stranger Things Collectibles

When you mix weird aliens with cute little kids, then stir in major 80s Steven Spielberg vibes, it’s a recipe resulting in one of Netflix’s most popular shows, Stranger Things. Since it’s such a popular show, we have many different brands and styles of Stranger Things collectibles to decorate your cozy, yet creepy, crib. These horror statues are ideal for diehard fans that cannot wait for the upcoming season or casual fans who like watching for the nostalgia factor. From adorable vinyl figures to poseable and highly-detailed action figures, we have officially licensed Stranger Things merchandise to make you feel like you’ve been transported to the Upside Down!

Stranger Things POP! Vinyl Figures

Funko POP! Stranger Things

Funko POP! vinyl figures are a great way to show your love for a particular character, show or movie and since Stranger Things has a troupe of endearing characters, they translate into the most charming Stranger Things collectibles you could ever get your hands on. All your favorites are memorialized in pint-sized plastic figures you can either display or carry with you. We recommend this Hopper ornament hanging or even standing next to an Eleven figure, not just because they have a father/daughter-type relationship, but also because they’re holding their favorite foods. Hopper has a donut and a cup of coffee while Eleven is carrying her beloved Eggo waffles while sporting her signature bloody nose. Pick up a Steve and Lucas POP! to round out your Stranger Things POP! vinyl figures because the more figures, the merrier!

Stranger Things Action Figures

Stranger Things Action Figures

If you’re serious about your horror movie collectibles, these Series 3 Stranger Things action figures are horror statues vital for your collection. They’re so highly-detailed, they look like mini versions of your favorite characters outfitted in their signature clothing from Stranger Things season 2. The Stranger Things action figures feature various points of articulation and come with a display base so they can stand upright on a shelf or mantle. Each character also comes with a few small accessories like walkie-talkies and backpacks because if you don’t have a few gadgets, you can’t get to the bottom of Hawkins’ biggest mystery.

Five Nights at Freddy’s Collectibles


If getting locked inside Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza overnight sounds like a dream come true and not a real-life nightmare, then congratulations because this next group of horror movie collectibles will send chills down your spine. FNaF fans love the combo of cute and creepy, which is a trademark of characters like Chica the Chicken and Foxy the Pirate Fox. Create your very own haunted pizzeria within the comfort of your own home with the FNaF collectibles you see here. Colorful yet macabre, you’ll love both Nightmare Freddy and Toy Freddy in the form of Pop vinyl horror figures. We highly recommend standing them next to one another, proudly displaying them in a game room or in-home arcade, but if they come to life at night, don’t call us!

Alien Collectibles

Alien collectibles will bust your horror movie prop replicas wide open. Xenomorphs have never looked cuter than when they are in the form of palm-sized horror bobbleheads. Whether you’re a Ridley Scott fanatic or obsess over all things science fiction related, you’ll want these Alien collectibles. Featuring many of your favorite human characters and extraterrestrial beings, these Alien Isolation collectibles will become your favorite in no time. Keep them inside your entertainment center or a clear display case to show them off to the entire universe!

Aliens POP! Vinyl Figures

Funko POP! Alien

In your Alien collectibles collection, it’s essential to keep the alien to human ratio as equal as possible. Too many Xenomorphs running around leads to problems, as we all know. These Aliens POP! vinyl figures will help you with that. And if you’ve ever wanted to trade places with Lt. Ellen Ripley, then you’ll love the Ellen Ripley POP! vinyl. Featuring scratches, a bruise and holding an intimidating assault rifle, Ellen is one of our most aggressive Alien collectibles.

Aliens Collectible Action Figures

Aliens Action Figures

You pride yourself on being a serious collector of horror movie statues, so vinyl figures just won’t cut it—you want the finer things in life and we totally get that. These Alien collectible action figures are on the pricier end, but they're worth it because they’ll elevate your collection to new heights, no spaceship necessary. Artist Takayuki Takeya designed, sculpted and painted this highly-detailed Alien figure with a moveable lower jaw, changeable tail, and various points of articulation. The deluxe Alien Queen figure is very similar. Keep them next to each other in a display box for collectibles and offset them with the Facehugger figure to add a humorous touch. The Q-Fig Facehugger is smaller, close to 4-inches tall, emerging from a cracked egg and holding a tongue-in-cheek sign that reads, “free hugs”.

Jason Voorhees Collectibles

There’s more to Jason Voorhees than a bloody machete and an old ski mask! He’s a person, too. An evil person, but still! If watching Jason hack up unsuspecting campers fills your life with an unusual amount of happiness, you’ll want to get your hands on these Jason collectibles. They’re great for horror movie collectors just starting out or those who have been adding to their accumulation of Jason Voorhees figures since the very first Friday the 13th movie in 1980. These horror movie statues look great if they’re brought out as Halloween decorations or if they’re decorating your TV room all year long. Will a Jason Voorhees figure slowly creep up on you when you least expect it? (Cue the chilling but addictive Friday the 13th theme music.) We’re not entirely sure but it’s definitely a possibility so watch your back at all times!

Friday the 13th Collectible Action Figure

Friday the 13th Action Figure

Jason lives on. Jason will always live on because nothing soothes his insidious soul like good ole teenage mutilation! If you’re a Jason Voorhees ‘stan,’ this Friday the 13th collectible action figure needs to stalk the perimeters of your home. The Jason figure has all the makings of an amazing horror collectible. It stands approximately 7-inches tall and comes with many different gadgets so Jason has options when he wants to carry out an evil scheme. The included fence post snaps easily into Jason’s little hand while his signature weapon, a machete (surprisingly without any blood) is in the other. This figure also comes with a mini tombstone and knife accessory. Capable of bending at the knees and elbow, you have the freedom to position this action figure in all types of menacing positions.

Jason Vorhees Horror Movie Prop Replica Mask

Jason Vorhees Mask

There are lots of fictional, scary characters so we applaud Jason’s attempt to stand out from the murderous crowd he usually gets lumped in with. He does it with a superb and spooky disguise—an antique hockey mask. The impenetrable and ominous hockey mask movie prop replica is hand-painted so it features realistic details like dirt marks and scuffs. It’s molded from resin and has metal rivets with adjustable straps. Use this as home décor and hang it on the wall next to a favorite Friday the 13th movie poster or incorporate it into your Jason Voorhees costume as a realistic accessory.

Freddy Krueger Collectibles

From slashing through water beds to boiler room slayings, Freddy Kruger is one creative killer. The Springwood Slasher is responsible for so many creative on-screen deaths, we lost count. If Freddy is your favorite horror movie monster, these Freddy Krueger collectibles will delight and disturb you all at once—it’s a wonderfully unusual feeling to experience!

Freddy Horror Movie Prop Replica Glove

Freddy Krueger Glove Replica

Jason has a machete, Leatherface has a chainsaw, and Freddy has a clawed glove. The Freddy replica glove is one of our favorite Freddy Krueger collectibles because it’s so realistic, plus it’s wearable. Use it as the core part of your Freddy Krueger costume or show it off by keeping it in a glass case on your desk at work. It may frighten a few co-workers, but isn’t that the point? They can take that paperwork elsewhere!

Nightmare on Elm Street Collectible Figure

Freddy Krueger Action Figure

Tip your brown fedora and honor this impressive Nightmare on Elm Street collectible figurine. It has everything you could possibly want from an officially licensed Freddy figure—two terrifying, interchangeable faces, a removable shirt exposing his charred and scarred torso, and even a little house Freddy can terrorize. Officially incensed and made from resin, this collectible horror figure is a nightmare come true for all the Freddy fanatics out there.

Horror Statues

Horror Movie Statues

Still interested in expanding your collection of creepy collectibles? Great news, we have more miscellaneous maniacs in miniature form! Oogie Boogie, a fan favorite from Nightmare Before Christmas, comes in the style of a 6.5-inch resin bust sculpted by artist Joe Menna. It’s officially licensed, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, and depicts Oogie Boogie rolling dice and munching on bugs. Stand him next to a Jack Skellington figure to optimize your scary aesthetic. If you’re a true fan of all-things-horror, you must be a Cthulhu enthusiast, so open your home to this collectible Cthulhu figurine. The Cthulhu statue comes with a display stand so he can properly show off his expanded wings and a tentacle beard. It’s one of our favorite horror statues!

Horror Bobbleheads

Horror Movie Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads are always so supportive—they nod their heads ‘yes’ no matter what we ask them! So if you’re looking for mischief, ask any of these horror bobbleheads. The 2017 Pennywise head knocker is undeniably freaky. In fact, we can’t look at it in the eyes for too long without feeling really uncomfortable. Thoughts of eating body parts and luring children in with a shiny, red balloon are definitely swirling around in that oversized head of his! Offset this Pennywise bobblehead with the 90s Pennywise bobblehead creating an instant scare or on the other hand, combat the terror of double Pennywise with a Gizmo bobblehead. He’s cute, furry and looking to make your shelf for horror movie bobbleheads his new home, just make sure you don’t leave fried chicken out overnight or you might just wake up to a Gremlin!