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Missing the Sandersons? Don’t do anything desperate; no black flame candles need to be lit. Make the Disney queens of magic a permanent part of your Halloween celebrations with Hocus Pocus costumes from our selection. Whether Winifred, Sarah, or Mary is your favorite sister, these costumes are the safe and easy option for bringing them back to life!
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Hocus Pocus Billy Butcherson Costume for Adults-0
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Women's Plus Size Hocus Pocus Mary Sanderson Costume-0
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Women's Plus Size Hocus Pocus Sarah Sanderson Costume-0
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Hocus Pocus Women's Classic Mary Costume
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Women's Hocus Pocus Sarah Sanderson Costume-0
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Hocus Pocus Winifred Sanderson Dog Costume
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Classic Hocus Pocus Women's Sarah Costume
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Womens Hocus Pocus Deluxe Wini Costume Dress
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Black Witch Broom UPD
Women's Lace Up Witch Shoes
Products 1 - 28 of 28

From Salem, Massachusetts to Los Angeles, California, Winifred, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson are Halloween royalty—no matter what Max Dennison would have you believe. In fact, despite his status as a boring skeptic, we should probably thank him for waking our beloved witches up. Without Max’s cool-kid demeanor begging him to light that tricky black flame candle, we wouldn’t have met Billy Butcherson or the unparalleled charms of Thackery Binx either. And, before you sit down to enjoy your Halloween tradition of candy and another watch of Hocus Pocus, welcome the sisters into your home with costumes from our selection! 

Whether you’re teaming up with two others or brewing up some mischief of your own, a Sanderson sisters costume is the perfect choice for any fan of a little hocus pocus. Not sure which sister you should be? Or maybe you’re curious about filling in as a supporting role? Either way, continue reading to learn about all our Hocus Pocus costume selection has to offer! 

If you’re the leader of the pack, whether that’s at home, with friends, or even at work, Winifred is your gal! Her big personality, boldly colored wardrobe, and sharp temper not only make her hard to ignore but a lot of fun to portray. Pick her vibrant green dress to start your Halloween look. And if your hair doesn’t grow quite as wild and bright as Ms. Sanderson’s, don’t be afraid to grab the wig that’ll make your costume transformation unmistakable for Winifred. 

Perhaps you’re a little more level-headed than Winifred. Equally important to the Sanderson’s makeup is Ms. Mary. Help keep Winifred in line dressed as her dear sister that really should get more credit for everything she does and deals with. Her tartan skirt paired with those cozy fall colors is a staple of any October wardrobe. And, if you ask us, that twisty way she wears her hair is fabulous, and it mimics traditional witch hats—so clever! 

Are you a carefree soul? Maybe take a spin as Sarah Sanderson! Where some may call her ditzy, we all know the truth. She’s the shy siren with a vexing act that can’t be beaten! Dust off your vocal cords and practice Sarah’s song, then get yourself dressed in that darling purple number of hers. In the scoop neckline and totally twirl-able skirt, you’ll be ready to cast your spell on Halloween night. Just don’t forget the shiny blonde hairdo that adds to her charms. 

Not finding the Hocus Pocus costume you’ve been longing to wear? Want to mouth off as Billy, protect as Binx, or save the day as the Dennisons? Check out our scary costumes for zombified looks or animals for black catsuits. Explore our graphic tees for something cool-kid Max would love. Or pop back in often to see all the exciting new Hocus Pocus magic we’ll continue to add!