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There should never be any question. If someone asks what you would like to be, the answer is obviously a cat! They are the clear rulers of any domain, not only because they think so but because we're happy to treat them like they've got the crown. It's time to wear your feline pride proudly with these cat costumes!
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Products 1 - 6 of 6

Let's face it! We're never going to understand cats. Those furry little critters are an enigma! We've been studying those fascinating felines for ages and as much as we'd like to get a beat on them, they're still a complete mystery to us! Some of us might pretend to understand them. Some might even pretend that they're our "pets," but if you ask any cat "owner" they'll tell you the truth. You never own a cat. It owns you. You'll spend all of your time bending to its whims, feeding it, and cleaning up after it. And yet... they're so gosh darn adorable that we do it all with a smile on our face! Yes, despite the quirky, and sometimes stubborn ways of cats, we can't help but love those curious creatures. We decided to just go along with their cute cat ways, and that's why we've gathered up a ton of great cat costumes right here, so you can indulge in your more enigmatic side!

Yes, we've devoted ourselves to putting together one of the best selections of cat costumes on the internet. We carry some of the classics. You know, like black cat costumes and tabby cat costumes, but we also have some of the big cats! If you're looking for a tiger or leopard costume, those let you get in touch with your inner wild cat. We also carry a ton of great cat character costumes, which are awesome options when doing a cat cosplay outfit. We carry Cat in the Hat, Cheshire Cat, and plenty more.

Worried about finding the right size? Well, we carry cat costumes in all sizes! Of course, we carry cat costumes for adults, including some sexy cat costume options and some plus size cat costumes. We also carry sizes starting at extra small, so that means adults of all sizes can dress up like their favorite feline characters. What about kids? Well, we have a ton of great kid's cat costumes! After all, we need to have some great cat Halloween costumes for the little ones when trick or treating comes around. We even have some ultra-adorable cat costumes for babies, so if you're looking for something to wriggle your infant into, then you'll be able to find a cute and cozy cat costume for your child.

If you just need a few accessories to help spark your cat cosplay outfit, then check out our selection of cat accessories. From cat ear headbands, to cat makeup and even some masks, we have a little bit of everything for any kitty cat fan out there!

Black Cat Costumes

It's no secret that we love Halloween! We find things like skeletons and skulls to be quite charming, even though most people consider them scary. We delight in all symbols of the season, and if you're looking for a costume to wear trick-or-treating, we have everything from adorable animals to zany zombies.

However, there's nothing quite as classic as a black cat costume! They're simple to put together yourself with the right accessories, and you can make your look as modest or sexy as you want. So this Halloween, try one of our black cat costumes and you'll feel right at home as one of these creatures of the night!

Black Cat Halloween Costume

Black Cat Halloween Costume

Do you get a shiver down your spine when you see a black cat? Many people view them as signs of bad luck. However, we just can't bring ourselves to agree. Any symbol of Halloween is good luck in our book! So don't be afraid to don a black cat costume for your celebrations this year. After all, they really aren't that scary. A little fluffy cat is much more friendly than something like a werewolf or a vampire, no matter how lucky (or unlucky) they might be!

Women's Black Cat Costume

Women's Black Cat Costume

This year, you wanted to wear a classic costume that really screams "Halloween." You thought about a ghost outfit, but decided they were just too scary. You considered being a pumpkin but didn't like the round shape it gives you. You ultimately landed on a black cat costume, and we think it's a great idea! You can be cute and classic at the same time, while adding just as much sass as you want. You'll be ready for the catwalk in one of our adorable black cat costumes!

Sexy Black Cat Costume

If you've ever spent a lot of time around a cat, you'll know that they're one of the most stubborn animals around. When they're on the prowl, they don't stop until they get what they want! This Halloween, channel some of that sassiness into your outfit when you put on a sexy black cat costume. The ears and tail give a cat ensemble some extra flirty flair, so all you'll need to do is pick out a great pair of shoes to wear with it, and you'll be "feline" fine in no time!

Kids Black Cat Costume

There are plenty of Halloween costumes that look extra adorable on kids. Any Disney costume you can think of instantly becomes cuter when your kiddo puts it on, and even something as scary as an evil clown is a little less terrifying in miniature. If you want to dial the "huggable" factor up as far as it goes, we recommend a black cat costume for your child. Their little furry outfit will be the cutest thing you've ever seen, and it also goes great with your witch costume!

Cheshire Cat Costumes

It's a fairly well-known concept that cats are quite mischievous creatures who do as they please. We don't always understand why they do what they do, so in some ways, they're also a bit mysterious. However, there's no feline we know who is more mischievous or mysterious than the Cheshire Cat!

This crazy creature shows up in most versions of Alice in Wonderland, and we're never really sure whose side he's on. We think that, like a typical cat, he just wants to cause chaos! If you're up for a little more tricking than treating this Halloween, perhaps you'd enjoy sporting one of our Cheshire Cat Halloween costumes. We have several styles and sizes so anyone who wants to can show off that iconic grin.

Adult Cheshire Cat Costume

Adult Cheshire Cat Costume

Many magical stories include a trickster character. You might run into a genie who purposely misinterprets your wish, or an enemy in disguise who guides you the wrong way. We're not sure what motivations the Cheshire Cat has behind his devious grin, but we do know to take his advice with a spoonful of salt! If you want to play a character who seems to always have a few tricks up his sleeve, try a Cheshire Cat costume!

Kids Cheshire Cat Costume

Kids Cheshire Cat Costume

Does your kiddo ever remind you of the Cheshire Cat? It seems that they have the knack for appearing and disappearing at the most inconvenient times. They hear the word "bedtime" and they're suddenly gone. But when you're trying to enjoy some candy without anyone pestering you to share, they materialize out of thin air with that uncanny grin on their faces. If that sounds like your child, then it sounds like a Cheshire Cat costume is just right for them!

Sexy Cat Costumes

If you're looking for a sexy costume, you have plenty of options. You can show off a flirtatious style from decades past or choose a completely modern look. You can put a revealing twist on your everyday uniform or go for a totally fantastical outfit instead.

However, one of our favorite choices when it comes to sexy costumes is to embody that confident feline spirit and slip on a sexy cat Halloween costume! Cats never entertain the idea that they look anything less than sensational, and neither will you when you wear one of these fantastic outfits!

Sexy Tiger Costume

Are you ready for a costume that will make you feel fierce? One that will give you the confidence to proclaim your independence and make any stretch of sidewalk that you strut down feel like a runway? Then you should consider wearing a sexy tiger costume this Halloween! Those bold colors and dark stripes will make you feel untameable, and even the bravest of circus ringmasters won't want to mess with you!

Sexy Cheshire Cat Costume

What exactly makes a costume sexy, anyway? We think it's a combination of a little mystery, a dash of mischief, and plenty of confidence. It's hard to think of a character that demonstrates those qualities more than the Cheshire Cat, so if you want a costume that will help you feel alluring, we think you should try a sexy Cheshire Cat costume! With the right accessories and a whole heap of attitude, you'll be grinning just as widely as this intriguing character.

Wildcat Costumes

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Well, actually, bears aren't a wild cat, so ignore that one. But if you're looking for a costume that will help provide that big cat attitude, you're in the right place! We have lion, tiger, and leopard costumes for all ages so you can get the whole family in on the fun and even create your own circus! Whether your kiddo needs to practice their roar, or you want to let out your wild side a little more, we have a costume for you!

Adult Tiger Costume

Adult Tiger Costume

What is it with lions being known as the "king of the jungle?" First of all, they don't even live in the jungle, they live in the savanna! And sure, their manes are cool, but we think the bold color and dark stripes of a tiger's coat are even better. So when you're choosing a big cat costume to wear and you want to feel powerful, we have to recommend a tiger costume! You'll feel extra fierce and ready to take on the world when you go out, but also super cuddly when you come home for the night.

Snow Leopard Costume

Snow Leopard Costume

If your kiddo loves to dress up like a cat, they might be running out of options. They've done the black cat thing several times, they've already been a lion twice, and even a tiger costume doesn't get them excited anymore. Fortunately, we saw this coming and decided to provide a slightly more unique option. This year, they can try being a snow leopard! We're pretty sure that you won't see too many of these big cats out trick-or-treating, especially if the weather is warm!

Kids Tiger Costume

Your child loves animal costumes. And for the last few years, they've been obsessed with spots. They've dressed up as a cow, a dalmatian, a cheetah, and a giraffe, just to name a few. So this year, when they told you they wanted to change their spots for stripes, you were a little surprised. However, if they want a spectacular stripey look, a tiger costume is the way to go! They'll be ready to prowl around the neighborhood and pounce on every piece of candy they see as one of these awesome big cats.

Leopard Costume

Most kids will occasionally behave like wild animals, but it can be hard to pin down which one they're most like. They're so good at climbing things (trees and furniture alike), that you suspect they might be part monkey. They swim like a dolphin and eat like a wolf! It sounds like your kiddo might actually feel right at home in a leopard costume. These big cats aren't afraid of heights or water, which is just perfect for your fearless child!

Cat Character Costumes

Let's face it, even though a black cat costume is a classic Halloween ensemble, it's not one that makes you stand out from the crowd. If you want to play a character rather than making up your own, we have plenty of choices for you! Whether you'd like to be the pleasingly plump Garfield or a certain Disney cat, we have cat character costumes of all sizes for all ages. Your little one can find the perfect ensemble for trick-or-treating, and you'll be able to find just the right character to cosplay. Check out our selection and get the whole family in on the fun!

Garfield Costume

Garfield Costume

Cats tend to do whatever they want whenever they want. And there's no cat we know who lives up to this principle more than Garfield! You certainly don't want to mess with his food, especially if he's eating his beloved lasagna, and interrupting his nap is a really bad idea. So if what you want is to spend some time as this stubborn feline, try one of our Garfield Halloween costumes! You can wear it to go trick-or-treating, but you could also just take a nap.

Cat in the Hat Costume

Cat in the Hat Costume

The Cat in the Hat brought fun and games to two kids on a cold, cold, wet day. So when you need a little cheering up, or you know someone who does, try wearing one of our Cat in the Hat costumes! Dressing up as this classic Dr. Seuss character is sure to brighten up your day, even if your fish isn't his biggest fan. Just make sure to clean up any messes you make and have a net at the ready if you're going to bring along Thing 1 and Thing 2!

Tony the Tiger Costume

Some have claimed that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you like to start your morning with a delicious bowl of cereal, then perhaps you'd enjoy dressing up as one of the most iconic cereal box mascots we know! You'll look just "gr-r-reat" in a Tony the Tiger costume. And of course, since you ate your breakfast, you'll have plenty of energy to celebrate Halloween without overdoing it on candy!

PJ Masks Catboy Costume

Your kiddo loves dressing up, and in addition, they love to combine costumes! Last year, they wanted to be a fairy astronaut, so you got a spacesuit and wings and let them live their dream. This year, they want to be a cat superhero! Fortunately, you won't have to buy two costumes this time around. You can get them a Catboy costume from the beloved PJ Masks TV show and their wish will be fulfilled!