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Halloween Dress Up: Costume Ideas for All Ages

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Halloween Dress Up: Costumes Ideas for All Ages

Dressing up for Halloween is a decision not to take lightly. No matter your age, your costume choice can say a lot about you. Are you on top of pop culture trends? Are you a master crafter, a DIY guru? Do you like memes or—groan—punny costumes? Or do you have more of a simple approach? You know the ones: they do as little as possible to be still be considered wearing a costume. (Listen, Linda, a football jersey with jeans doesn’t count anymore!) We were as shocked as you to find out that not everyone in the world thinks about their Halloween costume months in advance. Lucky for you, we DEFINITELY do that. We’ve come up with some Halloween dress up ideas for both kids and adults to help you plan for your big party.

Halloween Costumes for Women

Halloween Dress Up for Women

Clueless CherDottiePrincess Bride ButtercupMermaidPink Ladies Jacket

Movies have always dictated Halloween costume trends. We mean, just HOW many Harley Quinns did you guys see out and about a few Octobers ago? However, you can’t go wrong with the classics. Some movies never go out of style, so it’s a safe bet to bank on nostalgia when dressing up for Halloween. Grease was a favorite movie of so many little girls, so why not don a pink lady jacket and go greaser? Same with the timeless beauty of Princess Buttercup from The Princess Bride. A baseball look from A League of their Own will make all your friends say, “aww, I LOOOVE that movie!” We’re sure that you have an old 90s phone hidden in a drawer somewhere to make a Cher from Clueless costume nice and authentic. Of course, you can find any of these costumes right here at! We recommend just scrolling through Netflix to find your Halloween dress up inspiration.

 Halloween Costumes for Men

Halloween Dress Up for Men

Pickle RickBlack PantherDeadpoolMr. IncredibleKylo Ren

Nostalgia is huge for guys, too, but a focus on current pop culture is never a bad idea, either. We’re lucky to live in an age where we’re getting so many new Star Wars movies—either choose the Light or the Dark Side and show up to your party as your favorite Jedi. Black Panther shattered records at the box office, so you know you’ll be on trend buying a costume from the year’s most popular Marvel movie. Nostalgia met new pop culture trends with the return of the Incredibles! For guys who want an excuse to show off their, ahh, creative language—we offer up the "Merc with a Mouth" Deadpool for your consideration. Lastly, Rick and Morty… if you don’t know what Pickle Rick is, it’s gonna be hard to explain to you in this blog post. But, if you DO, then you know that you’ve just found the best Halloween costume to order online.

Halloween Costumes for Girls

Halloween Dress Up for Girls

EvieVioletHermioneElizaWonder Woman

A girl’s world is no longer limited to magical princesses and sweet, innocent characters. (Don’t get us WRONG, though, we love a good princess costume moment.) The array of characters girls can choose from when dressing up for Halloween is incredible. Speaking of… Violet Parr from The Incredibles? Amazing choice for Halloween dress up. You also can NEVER go wrong with getting a Hermione Granger costume, because she's a character with the most amazing traits anyone could ever ask for: brains, wit, and dedicated loyalty to her friends and justice. For superhero loving ladies, Wonder Woman is a powerhouse that shouldn’t be messed with. If you’re looking for a costume of someone with a darker history, the girls from The Descendants will help you achieve villain status. Want something even SCARIER? The undead Eliza from Z-O-M-B-I-E-S might be your girl.

Halloween Costumes for Boys

Halloween Dress Up for Boys

Cat BoyT-RexDashSpider-ManBlack Panther

First, let’s get this out of the way: YES, this is the third Incredibles costume on this list. But, did you seeeeee the sequel? IT’S SO GOOD! It appeals to young and old! Seriously, you could buy this Incredibles costume online for anyone: family, friends, yourself! Ok, ok, ok. Another big contender on the list of best Halloween costumes for boys is the classic dinosaur. Jurassic World hit the theaters and it only amplified little boys’ existing love of dinosaurs. A less terrifying animal: a cat! Catboy from PJ Masks is adorable (and the costume looks so incredibly comfy). Then…more superheroes. Black Panther is truly iconic, and Spider-Man is a classic that’ll never grow old.

We hope that these Halloween costume ideas helped you make some choices for the big night of dress up. Whatever you or your family chooses, be sure that it’s something that you actually LOVE and feel great in. Let us know in the comments what your plans are this year!

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