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Can you imagine living all the lives Barbie has? She’s done everything from modeling to serving in the military, and wherever Barbie goes, she leaves an impact on new and long-time fans! So, whether you need a gift that inspires big dreams or adds to a Barbie collection, you'll find just the thing in our selection of Barbie gifts. From Barbie doll playsets to Barbie clothing, like costumes or a Barbie t-shirt, there's something for everyone!
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Barbie Happy Birthday Doll
Barbie Dream House Playset

Barbie Dream House Playset

Barbie Noodle Bar Red Head
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Barbie Pop-Up Tent
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Barbie Pop Up Tent

Products 1 - 60 of 97

Gifts for Barbie Lovers

Did you know, before Barbie, the only dolls in the US for children were baby-dolls? Ruth Handler, the woman credited with Barbie’s creation, had seen her daughter giving paper-dolls adult roles while playing and decided she needed a doll that matched. Mattel didn’t initially like the idea when Ruth pitched it to them. However, when Ruth returned from a trip to Europe with 3 Bild Lilli dolls, they changed their tune. Bild Lilli had an adult body and proved that there was a market for such a doll. After a redesign, name change (Barbie is named for Ruth’s daughter Barbara), and an introduction to the world at the American International Toy Fair, Barbie became started her journey to becoming a household name!

From a teenage fashion model to athlete and astronaut to surgeon, Barbie showed young girls they could be anything they wanted. Instead of just cradling baby-dolls children were able to imagine worlds and careers that Barbie and her wide group of family and friends could experience. With a toy that opened the world to children in such a way, it’s no wonder than Barbie has become a pop culture icon and role model for multiple generations. So, if you’re a part of the Barbie fan-club, know someone that is, or are looking to introduce Barbie to another child, you’ve come to the right place!

Barbie Playsets

In our selection of Barbie gifts, you’ll find something for everyone! With everything from Barbie playsets to Barbie clothing and accessories, there’s truly a gift for every Barbie fan on your list!

Pick up a fashion Barbie to add to your collection or a Barbie playset that lets your child imagine life on the farm. Relive the fun of mixing and matching Barbie’s outfits with fashion sets. Expand playtime with a supermarket or mobile care clinic. When you shop our collection of Barbie dolls, playtime and collecting becomes boundless!

Got a fan in your life that wants to share their love outside the home? Grab a Barbie t-shirt for them to wear. Is your child obsessed with the versatile doll? Get them dressed in a Barbie shorts-set or pair of pajamas that let them match their favorite playtime companion. Or, go all out with Barbie costumes!

Barbie has been around since 1959 and making waves in every community since. From playtime to serious collecting, the love for Barbie is strong, diverse, and not going anywhere soon! So, whether you’re looking to get your kid their first Barbie doll or grabbing a new-age Barbie and Ken for your mint-condition collection, start with us and you’ll find just the thing for any fan of Mattel’s playtime icon!