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Animal Games & Puzzles for Kids

By: FUN Monster

Do you love animals? Do you love to play games? How about animal games? You will learn more about animals and have great fun when you try these online activities! Enjoy Elephant Odyssey, Bug Bash, Tiger IQ, Zoo Keeper, Animal Guessing Game, and more!

Creature Features

Izzie is a famous film star. She needs to find some animals for her show. Travel to different locations to help Izzie look for some new co-stars!

Elephant Odyssey

In this fun game, you will begin your journey as a Columbian Mammoth. Travel 200,000 years and go through changes to become a modern day elephant.

African River Animals

Travel to a river in Africa and select a category for each animal. Is the scorpion an arachnid or a reptile? Be quick because the animals move fast.

Animal Jigsaw Puzzle

Here, you will find some online jigsaw puzzles to make the image of a chick, donkey, pig, cow, horse, and more. The games are available in different difficulty levels.

Bug Bash

Click on two bugs to swap their places. The purpose is to match three similar bugs to clear them from the board. Beware the spiders!

Farm Animals Search

Enjoy this fun digital animal puzzle. Match the diagrams in the bottom panel to the corresponding parts in the big picture.

Animals Crush!

Clear the board by joining up as many animals of the same kind as possible. The time limit is 30 seconds. What's your high score?


In this interactive activity, you will discover facts and features of snakes, including poisonous and nonpoisonous ones. This is a great way to learn about new snake breeds.

Mini Beast Games

Come here to discover the super powers of insects. Click the plus sign to learn more about ants, bees, and ladybirds.

Barrel of Monkeys

If you like online puzzle games, this one is simple and easy to play. It features a picture of two monkeys in a barrel.

Tiger Simulator

Move, hunt, and interact with other animals like a tiger. This game is an exciting way to learn more about these fierce felines.

Animal Creation

Want to create your own animals? You can make a spotted trunk fish zebra or a woolly spider monkey rhino!

Underwater Animal Search

Get to know different kinds of underwater animals in this online activity. Try to do it in the shortest time to score higher.

Panda Simulator

What's the name of your panda? Is it a male or female? Create your own panda by changing its appearance, then explore the forest!

Farm Frenzy 2

This is a great way to learn more about what it's like to manage a farm. Start by raising chickens and producing eggs, then move on to other livestock.

Chuck the Sheep

Chuck is not your usual sheep. Earn XP by hitting a bird, gaining a spin level or completing a hoop challenge.

Dream Pet Link

Click on two same animals to clear them from the board. Keep an eye on the timer or it's game over.

Cute Puppy Care

Having a pet dog is a big responsibility. This puppy care simulator will teach you what it's like to take care of your own puppy.

Zoo Online Jigsaw Puzzle

Here, you will find a beautiful puzzle featuring animals. Try to solve the puzzle in the fastest time!

Animal Adjectives

Playing this animal game will teach you more about adjectives! Use the right adjectives to describe the animals. This one is pretty challenging.

Zoo Animals

Click on the discs to join the heads of animals to make the discs disappear before it's too late! Keep track of the timer and try to break the high score.

Living Legends

Learn more about some of the San Diego Zoo's most famous animals. The zookeepers will tell you everything you need to know about the animals in this interactive game.

Monkey Sentence Game

In this interactive exercise, you have to drag the right words into the right boxes according to the instructions. Submit it to go to the next puzzle.

Zoo Keeper

The animals have escaped from the zoo! You are the zoo keeper and you are responsible to bring them back! How? Make combinations of animals by clicking on adjacent animals to change their positions.

Painting Animals

Follow the instructions to paint the animals in the right colors. Simply click on the color on the palette and click on the animal to complete the task.

Zoo Animals Jigsaw

A simple online jigsaw puzzle game with zoo animals. The cartoon animals are cute and adorable.

Animal Guessing Game

In this fun interactive activity, the zoo keeper will guess the animal you have in your mind. Answer the questions and see if he's right at the end.

Animal Word Search

Find the animals in this word search game.

Wild Animals Memory Game

Do you like games that test your memory? It's double the fun in this one! Just flip the cards to find matching animals.

Drawing Animals

Here, you will learn how to use basic shapes to draw your favorite animals!