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A League of Their Own Costumes

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Get ready to play ball in one of our A League of Their Own Costumes! With sizes for the whole family, you can scout your very own baseball league. Choose from any of our Rockford Peaches and Racine Belle uniforms to bring one of the All-American teams back to life. Or don the attire and attitude of Coach Jimmy to lead a tear-free charge. Our collection of costumes and accessories will help make your costume a homerun!
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Plus Size A League of Their Own Coach Jimmy Costume Update 2
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A League of Their Own Adult Baseball Hat-update
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Products 1 - 20 of 20

Near 25 years ago, we all celebrated A League of Their Own. We dove straight for home into the story inspired by the very real All American Girls Professional Baseball League, told by Penny Marshall. A lot of the events of the movie were pretty fictionalized, but there is still surprising depth to what was true and what we all ended up missing, too! 

Did you know that the film started out being about four hours long!? Each of the athletes had much more involved backstories that we had to say goodbye to before the movie went way into overtime. But, we would have been able to see folks moving around through the secret passages of Walter Harvey's house to explore the hidden bar. We might have also seen just how far All the Way Mae could go (and how controlling Dottie might have been, too). 

It is no wonder, though. A League of Their Own was destined to be one of the greatest films out there. Over 2000 gals showed up, ready to audition for a part. But, each and every one of them needed to prove that they could show their baseball skills just as much as their acting prowess. (Yep, even Gena Davis needed to practice for over seven months to get up to Penny Marshall's standards!) No wonder she and Madonna both managed to show off some seriously talented skills when it came to catching pop flies and sliding into hime. 

Of course, the true to life crew of the AAGPBL were just as fantastic. The team names were different and the real athletes' lives were far less dramatic than Kit and Dottie's complicated sisterly relationship, but the skills were all genuine. (That's why they got to be a part of the film by showing up in the Hall of Fame scenes as extras!) 

If you're feeling the love for League as much as we do, we know that you'd love taking a turn at bat, too. With our officially licensed A League of Their Own costumes, you can do exactly that. Join the Rockford Peaches or the Racine Belles and show the world that you've got what it takes to hit a home run. We have sizes for all adults as well as children and even your toddlers and infants who are raring to go. If you're looking to put on a full show, we have Jimmy Dougan costumes for the guys so they can get involved, too. (Just remember who the star is going to be!) 

Give your costumed look some extra authenticity. Not only are all our Made by Us costumes officially licensed and designed in-house, we have accessories that will top off the look. Get your red locks going with our wigs or make sure you win the game with a baseball, cap, or eye black, too! 

When it is time to do the AAGPBL some honor, you can't go wrong with this A League of Their Own costume options. Get your pipes warmed up and join in because... it's time to play ball!