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Are you ready to hit the mat? Well, maybe not for real. That stuff looks painful! That's why you should just dress up as your favorite star with our WWE Costumes, and not worry about how to execute the perfect stunner. With wrestling outfits a-plenty, you can become your favorite from classics like Macho Man or Hulk Hogan to today with John Cena. Now all you need is some entrance music.
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

The lights in the arena dim right before two silvery sparkles shoot out from either side of the stage. You hear the MC announce your name into the microphone and it booms through every speaker in the packed stadium. The crowd erupts in applause and cheers, some booing and faint jeers can barely be heard because the clapping and shrill screams drown out the hecklers. Stepping out onto the platform ahead of the larger than life jumbotron, a rush of adrenaline washes over you while charging into the ring to go toe-to-toe with an arch-nemesis to defend your title as Heavyweight World Champion and keep the gold-encased belt around your waist. You're more than prepared; you're ready to rumble! 

Do your daydreams usually play out like the scenario described above? If so, then it's time to embrace your WWE fandom and make all your dreams come true by wearing any of these WWE costumes. A majority of these costumes are designed and created by us so predict expert high-quality fabric, realistic accesories and overall flattering and well-made garments. From men's costumes, to plus size costumes and even kid's wrestling costumes we have authentic looks for all types of fans.

If you were a fan of WWE during the late 70's and 80's then you're familiar with all the classic wrestlers from that era like Hulk Hogan and Macho Man. If you love loud fashion and saying, "ooooh yeah!" then our officially licensed Macho Man Randy Savage is a great option. The expertly made costume comes with a faux leather print jacket with plenty of dangling fringe along the sleeves. If you're buff enough to use your muscles to rip apart the sleeveless tank in the adult Hulk Hogan costume, then give it a try. We have plenty of them and can always ship out more! 

Fans of 90's friends both young and old will especially love the Undertaker costume because of the long faux leather trench coat which perfectly recreates his creepy vibe. The wide brim hat tops the whole costume off and the shoulder length wig (not included) looks like its actually wet and serves as the cherry on top. The silky red floor-length robe has silver sparkly appliques so it will have Ric Flair fans looking as fly as The "Nature Boy." Add the platinum blonde Ric Flair wig and shout "wooooooo!" as enthusiastically as possible for the ultimate and convincing transformation into one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. 

Finally, don't forget to check out our different types of John Cena costumes for men, boys, and teens. If wearing a full costume just isn't your style then we have plenty of accessories and props so you can still be a believable Mach Man by wearing a molded and expertly painted mask over your face and a WWE Intercontinental Championship belt around your waist. We also have a Mankind, Roddy Piper, and Kane mask. 

Be sure to have your picture taken by raising a belt accessory high above your head victoriously because all these WWE costumes will make you feel like a winner!                               

WWE Wrestling Costumes

WWE Wrestling Costumes

Alright, so you're a top WWE fan, and you've made your way here to You've shopped our massive selection of WWE gifts, but now you've got your eyes set on the next costume party. Well, we've got you covered there, too, with our awesome selection of WWE Costumes! We have a great selection of WWE Halloween costumes, and that's because we teamed up with World Wrestling Entertainment to produce our own line of Made By Us Costumes. That's right, our line of WWE costumes are officially licensed and feature authentic character details from the apparel worn by their most famous performers. We have plenty of WWE styles for men, women and kids, to get everyone in on the fun. No matter who you're shopping for and which character you have in mind, we have a costume ready to go. Check out all of these top selections for extra info and detail in this How-To!

WWE Costumes for Men

We get it! You’re a guy, and you're ready to become one of your favorite wrestlers for Halloween! That's exactly why we teamed up with the WWE to create our very own line of costumes. Whether you've been a solid WWE fan since you were a kid or have watched on and off since your favorite era of wrestling, we're sure you'll find our selection of WWE Superstar costumes supremely awesome. And that's because we have some of the biggest icons of all time. Peruse each of these men's costumes and see if any of them are a character you'd like to portray. Each one is Made By Us, and that means quality!

Macho Man Costumes

Macho Man Costume

When we first inked our deal to design and manufacture our own line of WWE Costumes, we knew exactly which legend of the ring was at the top of our list to make. The one, the only, Macho Man Randy Savage! A particular favorite of our costume designers, they probably felt a kindred connection to his ring persona as a result of his flamboyant and over-the-top costumes. We knew we had to capture that style into our own design, so we studied up on his iconic red and leopard print suit and made a costume version with this Macho Man Randy Savage Costume.

Ric Flair Costumes

Ric Flair Costume

Another flamboyant ring persona who had his own indelible ring style? Well, that would be the Nature Boy Ric Flair! Equally well-known for his sequin covered robes and his classic catchphrases like "Styling and Profiling!" Ric Flair is one of our most asked-for WWE costumes. This costume comes with trunks and an incredible full robe—it features sequin knit appliques on the front and back and there's an applique that spells out "Nature Boy" on the back, just like his real robe does! You can do plenty of "Whoos" when you're suited up in this iconic costume.

Undertaker Costumes

Undertaker Costume

The Undertaker has had one of the longest runs in WWE history and he’s secured multiple championships—and plenty of kayfabe burials, too! You can become the Phenomenon when you suit up in our WWE Undertaker Costume. When we started designing this costume, we knew we were gonna need a lot of black, and we put some black faux leather to work in the long trench coat and pants. A stretch knit tank top, gloves, and hat completes the signature style, if you have long black hair (or grab a wig!) you'll get his look locked in just right.

Kane Costumes

Kane Costume

Time for the Big Red Machine? Yup, a little fire and brimstone might be just what you're looking for! Suit up as the legendary Kane when you go in our exclusive WWE Kane Costume The red stretch knit jumpsuit perfectly captures his iconic 90s style with its deep red color and black appliqued flame patterns. It also comes with a single glove, gauntlet, belt, and mask to complete the character effect. Team up with a pal as the Undertaker for a tag team match, or if you're a little moody, measure him up to deliver an epic chokeslam!

Sting Costumes

Sting Costume

Time for a scorpion deathlock! The deliverer of that devastating move, of course, would be Sting. This icon of the ring took his persona to a new level in the 90s when he channeled The Crow with new face paint and black gear. And, of course, we've turned that unforgettable look into a costume! This WWE Sting Costume comes with a black faux leather jacket and shirt top printed with a large white scorpion to perfectly recreate his style. Just get some black and white makeup to do your own face paint, and you'll be ready to practice recreating his classic moves like the deathlock and scorpion death drop!

Stone Cold Steve Austin Costumes

Stone Cold Steve Austin Costume

How about opening up a can of whoop ass? Well, if you've read Austin 3:16, you'd know that there's only one WWE Costume for you. This Stone Cold Steve Austin Costume! A faithful recreation of Austin's Attitude Era duds, you can do your own Stone Cold impression with a little bit of cursing and by cracking open a few cans of beer. We designed this costume with his signature styling cues, including a faux suede vest that's printed with a skull and an Austin 3:16 design. All you'll need to do for the finishing touch is to shave your head or get a skullcap to recreate his look!

Women's Wrestler Costumes

A woman wrestling in the WWE ring is still a relatively new phenomenon, so there's not quite the same legacy of performers when it comes to superstars. But that doesn't mean we can't go back to 80s to let women portray some of the all-time classics of the rings. That's right, we've taken some of the signature styles of all-time great WWE stars and created costumes just for women so that everyone can get in on the old-school fun. See if our exclusive women's costumes for Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man are just what you're looking for!

Women's Ultimate Warrior Costume

Women's Ultimate Warrior Costume

Our top request for a women's WWE Costume? That's easy. The incomparable Ultimate Warrior! The Warrior ruled the wrestling scene in the early 90s and many fans today grew up watching his antics. That included plenty of young girls, of course, so we're very proud to present this Made By Us Women's Ultimate Warrior Costume! Styled for ladies, it comes with a bodysuit and a vest that hits below the knee. Each piece features printed details, and it comes with multicolored bands that fit on the arms, wrists, and thighs. You'll have to do the face paint on your own, of course, but with one of our makeup kits it will be easy to recreate his iconic style!

Women's Macho Man Outfit

Women's Macho Man Costume

Got a little bit of Macho Madness? Well ladies, now you can do your own burly "Oh Yeah!" when you slip into this Women's Macho Man Madness Costume. This costume is derivative of the Macho Man's classic ring apparel, but styled just for women. It comes with sequin star shorts to do the job of wrestling trunks, and a mid-riff shirt featuring fringe cuts and a graphic print of his sunglasses logo. Accessories complete the theme, with a headband, wristbands, and knee pads included. Create your own persona as the Macho Woman and we're sure you're going to have an epic Halloween!

WWE Costumes for Kids

Kids are perhaps the biggest wrestling fans of all, with the over-the-top and imaginative storylines being perfectly suited to filling up their budding imaginations. Of course, the modern era of wrestling has featured plenty of awesome performers to look up to, so it's no surprise we have some great costume choices to let kiddos suit up as the wrestlers they see on TV each week. Check out these WWE Costumes for boys and girls and see if they're the characters your kid is looking for this Halloween!

The Rock Costumes

The Rock Wrestling Outfit

Your kid probably knows the Rock for his appearances in Fast & Furious or Jumanji. But if they're wise to their WWE History, they know that the Rock first got famous as one of the most popular wrestlers of the late 90s and early 2000s. The Brahma Bull left a big impression on fans as he "layeth the smacketh down" so it'd be no surprise to use if your kid wants to suit up in his classic wresting duds for Halloween! They can do just that in this Kids' Rock Muscle Costume. Complete with a plastic half mask (with an eyebrow raised!) they'll have his signature style with this costume.

John Cena WWE Costume for Kids

WWE John Cena Costume

Never Give Up. Some great words to live by, and when spoken by WWE Superstar John Cena, something to really look up to! We're sure if you're kid has been tuned into the WWE, they know all about John Cena. One of the most popular wrestlers and top performers of the modern era, not to mention a record holding champion, we're sure your kid would be ecstatic to suit up as him. And with this detailed John Cena Muscle Costume, they can do just that. The suit and accessories are printed with mottos, and it includes a plastic character mask to complete the effect!

Bayley WWE Costume

Bayley WWE Costume

Girls have plenty of modern wrestlers to look up to, and one of the most popular is Bayley. When she's not making side ponytails and hugs popular, she's kicking butt in the ring and winning titles. So, it should be no surprise that your kiddo would like to suit up like her for Halloween, and she can do it with this WWE Bayley Girl's Costume! The purple metallic jumpsuit has plenty of printed details, and it comes complete with wrist cuffs that feature long fringe.

Sasha Banks WWE Outfit

Sasha Banks Costume

The other top women's wrestler in the WWE, of course, would be the one and only Sasha Banks. If your girl would like to be "the Legit Boss" all she needs to do is to suit up in this Sasha Banks Costume! It comes with a printed romper suit along with armbands and shin guards for a ring-ready look. It even has pink hair extensions so she can get her character style just right. With this costume, she'll be calling herself a boss in no time!