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Do you have the music in you? Do you know somebody else who might need a little help letting it out? Well, look no further than to these officially licensed Trolls toys and merchandise! From Funko POP! figures and apparel to costumes that will bring the movie to life, you'll love dancing with these Trolls Gifts for kids and adults.
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Trolls Womens DJ Suki Costume Update 2
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Adult Biggie Trolls Costume Update
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Trolls Kids Guy Diamond Costume Upd 2
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Sale - 50% Exclusive
Men's King Peppy Trolls Costume Upd 2
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Trolls Boys Biggie Costume
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Sale - 30% Exclusive
Trolls Girl's DJ Suki Costume
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Sale - 42% Exclusive
Trolls Girls Poppy Premium Costume
Sale - 15%
Trolls Guy Diamond Toddler Costume
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Sale - 29% Exclusive
Trolls World Tour Girl's Deluxe Barb Costume
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Trolls Toddler DJ Suki Costume
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Sale - 40% Exclusive
Rainbow Colored Adult Troll Wig
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Trolls Poppy Chair Desk with Storage Bin
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Trolls 2 Sing-Along Boombox
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Trolls 2 World Tour Bluetooth MP3 Karaoke w Microp
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Products 1 - 47 of 47

Trolls Toys & Merchandise

When you hear about "trolls," you might be thinking about a lot of different kinds of creatures. We can't blame you for that. The original trolls weren't really the cuddliest or kindest of beasties out in the world. But, we're here to show you that things have changed over the years. You can not only find a new friend amongst the forest-dwellers but you can probably learn a few things, too! 

The very first trolls were gargantuan giants that lived in the mythology of Norse and Scandinavian stories. They lived in the mountains, under stones, deep in dark and scary caves. Generally speaking, they weren't very nice to people... since, you know, they sort of ate us! They were pretty ugly, mutated beings, and stupid as all get-out. Some stories said that they would turn to stone if they ever saw the light of day or might even go insane if they ever saw a bright color. Others said that they blended into nature and hid just out of sight. Tall hills or even thick wooded fields could have all been trolls lying in wait! 

Pretty scary stuff!

So, it was rather surprising to learn that there was a whole new kind of troll waiting to meet us all. These ones were tiny little guys, filled with bright color, flower-like hair, and the voices of angels. Strangely enough, they have a few enemies, too. The Bergens are giant by comparison, hideous creatures, and love to snack on the delightful trolls. (Sounds kind of familiar, doesn't it!?) Well, who knows if these two creatures might have been related in ancient times. All we know is that once the Bergens hear the Trolls' tunes, it really gets their stomachs turning. 

Good thing for everyone that the trolls have a pretty awesome gift to give: the gift of song and dance! Once the Bergens had the Trolls' gifts into their hearts, they were just as colorful, fun, and dare we say a little cuter than even the Trolls? (No, that can't be true at all!) Well, we've taken right after the generous trolls and we're ready to offer you some Trolls Gifts, too! Bring home your favorite characters from the films in the form of a Pop! figure of Poppy or Branch to make sure that you're always showing your true colors. Go the extra distance with a Branch or Poppy costume and find out what Troll life is like when you're in living color! Or you could also just wear your heart on your sleeve with some of our Trolls apparel. From shirts, shoes, and backpack accessories, you're sure to have a Troll kind of temperament all day long. 

You can follow Poppy and Branch on their journey to unite the rest of the Trolls before Queen Barb and King Thrash turn everyone into rock zombies. Sing and dance along to the different music tribes - funk, country, techno, classical, pop, and rock. While you enjoy the Trolls World Tour, make sure you have Trolls toys, gifts and different merchandise to help cheer them on!