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Scarecrow Costumes

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Whether you're looking for the perfect cute scarecrow costume for a fall photoshoot or a creepy scarecrow costume that'll send shivers of fear everywhere you go, you'll find an easy scarecrow costume for anyone on your list this year.Â
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Sweet Scarecrow Costume
Infant Scarecrow Costume
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Mens The Last Straw Costume
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Women's Scarecrow Costume
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Boys Nightmare Scarecrow Costume
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Creepy Scarecrow Girls Costume
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Happy Kid's Scarecrow Costume
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Men's Scarecrow Costume
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Plus Size Stuffed Scarecrow Costume
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Boy's Scarecrow Costume
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Kids Silly Scarecrow Costume
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Scarecrow Girls Costume
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Deluxe  Scarecrow Costume For Men
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Toddler Hay Filled Scarecrow Costume
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Scarecrow Costume for Kids
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Products 1 - 27 of 27

Forget "if you only had a brain" let's all sing "if I only had the perfect Halloween costume". Why? Because the solution to this is much simpler than traveling down the yellow brick road to talk to an elusive Wizard. You'll find all the Scarecrow Costumes ideas you'd ever need on this page!

When it comes to finding a costume for your kids, choosing a kids scarecrow costume is a fantastic choice. Take a baby or toddler scarecrow costume, for instance. A baby scarecrow costume should make easy diaper changes and stay far, far away from anything scary. And the littlest member of your crew is rocking those adorable patches and burlap, a cute photoshoot is only a few pumpkins and dried cornstalks away! 

Speaking of families, the Wizard of Oz Scarecrow costume choice makes for a great group costume. You've got a scarecrow costume girl, now Mom and Dad can go as the Tin Man and  Cowardly Lion and big sis can go as Dorothy. The family dog can even come along as Toto, how awesome is that? 

Scarecrow costume ideas for adults allow you to dress up in shabby chic fashion in a range of styles. We like to say that classic costumes like the scarecrow costume, are classics for a reason. A female scarecrow costume can take plenty of forms. Everyone has a different take. Some Scarecrow Costume Women like the colorful patches, shaggy straw accents. Some are looking for the bare shoulder and flared skirts of the sexy scarecrow costume. And of course, there is the scary Scarecrow costume to consider. 

In the back of our minds, a spooky scarecrow just might come to life, climb off his pole, and come looking for some company during the Halloween season. An adult scarecrow costume can be customized to be as creepy as you want with accessories like scarecrow costume makeup or cover your whole head with one of our full-coverage scarecrow masks that look just like an aged burlap sack. A mens scarecrow costume could be really cool when paired with a pitchfork prop or scythe. Either way, a scary scarecrow costume is sure to send shivers through any crowd on Halloween night!

If you're looking for the perfect Scarecrow costume, you'll find them in all sizes and styles on this page from a toddler girl scarecrow costume to a burly scary look that's straight out of a horror movie. And since they're so timeless, you can even wear your Scarecrow costume year after year!

Scarecrow Halloween Costumes

Hop right off the farm and into the Halloween spotlight with our Scarecrow Halloween Costumes! Channeling the iconic Wizard of Oz vibes or gearing up for some horror/scary gifts? These ensembles cover all your straw-stuffed dreams. Who said being stuffed with hay couldn't be a blast? Whether you're guarding cornfields or dancing down the yellow brick road, these costumes are your ticket to adventure. Fun-filled quests await as you embrace the essence of the fields.

You don't need to travel to Emerald City to find the coolest Wizard of Oz costumes. Our scarecrow outfits blend a mix of whimsical nostalgia with a dash of rural charm. Forget witches and flying monkeys; this year's all about hay and patches! So, put on that straw hat, strike a pose, and let's get this farm-fresh fiesta started. The fields are waiting, and so is your night of fun! With our Scarecrow Halloween Costumes, you'll be field-ready and friend-approved!

Men’s Scarecrow Costumes

Men’s Scarecrow Costumes

Don your straw hat and the role of the iconic farm guardian with our Men's Scarecrow Costume! Fancy a trip down the yellow brick road? With this costume, you'll be field-ready and friend-approved! This outfit nails the farmyard fun whether you're seeking brains or just some laughs. Want to make it a duo adventure? Pair with an Adult Kansas Girl Deluxe Women's Costume for a Wizard of Oz look. Or, ruffle some feathers, grab a buddy, and let him don The Crow Men's Costume.

Women’s Scarecrow Costumes

Women’s Scarecrow Costumes

Enter the world of farms and fields with our Women's Scarecrow Costume! Radiate playful vibes and become the most delightful defender of the crops. Rustic, cute, and designed for some serious fun, this outfit brings the barnyard to your backyard. Pair with a Tin Woodsman Costume for Adults, and you both can relive the magic of those iconic farm tales. Dive into the whimsical world of cornfields and adventures in women's costumes that capture the spirit of the heartland!

Plus Size Scarecrow Costumes

Whistle down to the farm in this playful Plus Size Scarecrow Costume! It's all about capturing those easy-breezy farm vibes while flaunting a fun and flattering look. Every detail sets the mood for some countryside frolics, from patchwork patterns to straw-like tassels. And hey, if you're feeling the laid-back farm life or for something more chill, try our Scarecrow Costume Accessory Kit. Dive into our plus-size costume options and embrace those field-filled adventures.

Toddler Scarecrow Costumes

Stroll the pumpkin patch with your little one in this Toddler Scarecrow Costume! Watch them charm the farm in this delightful and right outfit for those tiny adventures. It's all about bringing out those farmyard giggles from the patchwork to the straw-like accents. And if your kiddos have that sibling rivalry brewing, pair with a Crow Costume for Toddlers—it's playful, fun, and makes for the cutest duo. Prepare for those aww moments with our toddler costumes!

Girl Scarecrow Costumes

Transform your kid into the farm's most adorable sentinel with our Girl Scarecrow Costume! Whether rustling through autumn leaves or dancing at a festive barn gathering, this look makes her the center of harvest. If you've got a duo—one rough and tumble, the other a bit more refined—get this Girl Scarecrow Costume and pair it with a Kids Kansas Girl Dress Costume. Complete the look: gift one a Handheld Sickle Accessory and the other a Wizard of Oz Deluxe Toto in Basket.

Boy Scarecrow Costumes

Slip your young champ into this Boy Scarecrow Costume and watch as he transforms into the coolest guardian of the cornfields. And if he's feeling less Harvest Hero and more Mighty Avenger, swap out your farm tools for something with a bit more flair. Instead of a sickle, go superhero mode with a Thor Stormbreaker Role Play Axe. Yep, that's right. Whether it's guarding crops or conquering realms, this boy's costume ensures he's doing it in standout style. Fields beware!

Scarecrow Accessories

Ready to spruce up that scarecrow look? Crank up the barnyard banter, dive into our selection of Scarecrow Accessories, and find the right straw-filled touch for your outfit! Does a Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Costume for Men count as a Halloween decoration? Who knows! But while we're at it, would that make Tin Man an accessory? So many questions . . . While we attempt to get that figured out, enter the whimsical world of farm fantasy with our Scarecrow Accessories.

From funny hats to Halloween props, our collection is about adding that farm-fresh flair. Maybe you're trying to hint at an adventure, or it's just about capturing that rustic charm. Either way, with these pieces, you'll have folks pondering, chatting, and chuckling over your farm-fabulous getup. So go ahead, mix, match, and let your imagination run wild in the cornfields! With these accessories, your farm-inspired festivities will be a haystack of hilarity!

Scarecrow Hats

Tip your hat to farmyard frolics with this Scarecrow Hat! Made for those who cherish every corny moment, setting the mood for hayrides, harvest dances, and more. If you're aiming for a spookier twist, this hat pairs with a Scary Adult Scarecrow Mask, making you look charming and chilling. Excellent for guarding the fields, dancing in the moonlight, or hanging out at the pumpkin patch. Grab yours, and let's crow about it! Hats off to a ton of farm-fueled adventures!

Scarecrow Masks

Dive into farm fun with our Scarecrow Mask! Become the heart of the fields, protecting crops and striking a pose with crows. If you aim to crank up the barnyard, why not try the Pig Scarecrow Mouth Mover Mask for Adults? Or, if you're feeling bullish about your choices, the Bull Scarecrow Mouth Mover Mask for Adults is a barnstormer. Your farm-inspired festivities will be a haystack hilarity! Make your events unforgettable with masks that animate your countryside tales!