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Raccoons really are nature's bandit. They have a mask and a scamp-like way of living, but gosh, they sure are adorable! If you want to look like the cute little delinquents of the animal kingdom, then give one of our raccoon costumes a try! We carry sizes for adults, kids, and we even have plus size costumes. Anyone can channel their inner trash panda when they wear one!
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Child Red Panda
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Toddler Sweet Raccoon Costume
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Toddler Red Panda Costume
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Sweet Raccoon Costume For Teens
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Products 1 - 25 of 25

You've seen them sneaking up to your house at night. You've watched them on the Internet, nabbing delicious delectables with their cute little hands, washing them up, and munching away. (Well, all of them except that one poor trash panda that tried to wash its cotton candy, anyway.) It's a pretty reasonable assumption, given their natural bandit-like look, that the raccoon is up to something suspicious. After a long time hanging out with the adorable critters, though, we have decided that they're just hunting for snacks... and power-ups. 

"Power-ups!?" you might ask. But, just take a look at the pattern. We've got a few superhero raccoons that are all about finding the very best gear to accomplish their quests! 

Just take a look at the wonderful world of Nintendo. Mario grabs one of those magical leaves and suddenly gains raccoon ears and a tail. What does he do next? Well, he takes a running start and leaps into the air before flapping that tail and taking flight! Why? Well, there are always loads of extra coins and even the occasional 1-Up and Invincible Star-man up in the clouds. Who knew raccoons could even fly? Well, if they can handle that kind of maneuver to have a good time, we know that you'll be feeling extra mighty when you try out a Raccoon Mario costume! (It's nice not to need to hunt down a magical leaf, right!?) 

If the look of a Tanuki isn't quite your style, there are other heroic raccoons ready to fulfill your needs. Take a spin around the Galaxy with the Guardians and you'll find Rocket Raccoon ready to gear you up. This Marvel character is a master of weaponry... and while he looks like a Raccoon, he'll be pretty vocal about the fact that he's anything but. (Don't tell him... but he's totally a raccoon!) Team up with the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy or show the world a unique story starring Rocket all on his own.

Better yet, team up with other Raccoons, too, with some of our adorable animal costumes. We have Raccoon costumes in sizes for adults, children, and even your brand new baby. From cute raccoon hats, jumpsuit costumes, or even adorable dresses that feature bandit-like fur along the hemline, you'll find just what you're looking for without having to get your hands dirty. (And that means you don't risk washing the costumes away, too!) 

If you're interested in other kinds of characters, you'll find the unique Brightheart Raccoon joining the team of the Care Bear Cousins as well as the furry forest friend, the Red Panda, looking forward to spread some cheer. Sure, only one of them has magical powers, but we'll leave that up to you to figure out which one is best for you!