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If you've ever wanted to visit the Mushroom Kingdom for Halloween, we've got the outfits to turn you into Nintendo royalty. Just pick out one of our Princess Peach costumes, and you can cosplay as the heroic pink princess from your favorite Mario Bros games!
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Products 1 - 21 of 21

Alright, gamer girls! If you're on the hunt for the perfect Halloween costume, we know there are lots of great female game characters to choose from. From tough street battlers to treasure hunters, picking out a costume for a video game protagonist with plenty of mettle is a popular choice. But, how about a video game heroine that's outright royal? Well, you'd need a princess for that role, and we just have to look to the Mushroom Kingdom for the character. Princess Peach is one of the biggest Nintendo stars there is and picking out a Princess Peach Halloween costume is sure to be a great choice!

Nintendo fans have known for a good while that Princess Peach has a lot more going on than your typical damsel in distress. Not only is she the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, but she's got powers that can come in quite handy in a throwdown with bad guys. And even though she has a penchant for getting kidnapped, she's good friends with Mario and always grateful when he does arrive to rescue her. So, if you're considering Princess Peach cosplay for Halloween, you're going to have some pretty big shoes to fill. And a pink Princess Peach dress, of course!

From her first appearance in Super Mario Bros. Princess Peach has been known for her signature outfit. A pink dress with plenty of princess style! We've seen Princess Peach dresses change a bit in each of her many game appearances, but the principal design of her outfit is always carried through. A bright pink dress with short, puffy sleeves and an overskirt with a ruffled hemline makes a Peach dress instantly recognizable. Along with signature accessories like a gorgeous sapphire blue brooch on her chest, white gloves, and a crown, of course! You'll find that all of our Princess peach costumes feature variations on this timeless style, so any of them will make a great Peach costume for Halloween.

Our adult Princess Peach costumes range from cosplay quality to basic, budget Halloween outfits. You can find them with a grown-up adult style, or with the classic cute factor that our favorite princess is known for. When picking out your women's Princess Peach costume, just decide on your budget and how you'd like to cosplay as the character, and you'll find that choosing the right costume is an easy decision! Kids love dressing up as Nintendo characters for Halloween, too, naturally, so we've got great choices for girls' Princess Peach costumes. Any kiddo is sure to love trick-or-treating as the pink princess or teaming up with friends as other Mario Bros characters for creative dress-up play!