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Denim denim denim! The second you hear that mythical pattern of music, you know it is time for Mario to dive into the next level on his way to true adventure! We're here to give you a genuine Power Up with our collection of Mario costumes so you can leap into the Mushroom Kingdom like the hero you are! Grab a set for a family Mario party. Just try not to fight over who gets to be Player One!
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Mario Infant Costume
Womens Mushroom Purse Handbag
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Luigi Adult Accessory Kit
Mario Toddler Costume
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Women's Mario Skirt Costume
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Adult Red Mushroom Hat
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Child Mario Hat
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Mario Tween Girls Costume
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Women's Deluxe Mario Costume
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Mario Flex Fit Cap
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Products 1 - 40 of 40

Mario has been jumping from world to world for years. All of those warp pipes and the bad behavior of Bowser have dragged our favorite plumber all over the place! Of course, that just means that he's uncovered a whole hoard of brand new power-ups to keep life interesting. Whether you've been playing the games since the 80s or just started venturing into the Mario galaxy recently, we know that you'll want to get your hands on some of those looks. (After all, Mario's costumes are on fire!) Fortunately, we've got the warp pipe connection to deliver you the best Mario cosplay out there. 

Naturally, you can start with the classic red jumper and blue overalls. Let your little ones dress up to show that they are ready for the quest. You can join in the fun, too. When you're standing side-by-side, you get the fun of the Power Mushroom since you'll have Small and Big Mario costumes all in one look! 

Of course, if you really want a costume that will take off, it's time to find the Raccoon Leaf from Super Mario 3. Our Raccoon Mario costume will give you the adorable ears and the flapping tail that will have you and your kiddos running around at P-Speed so you can really get the lay of the land. With a stuffed tail, you'll even be able to safely whip it around to see what is hidden in any nearby Mystery Boxes! Add a pair of Cat Ears or other animal accessories and you can even create your own new Power-Ups. You thought Frog and Cat Mario were cool. Just imagine Toad's best friend, Dog Mario or the surprisingly beautiful moves that Butterfly Mario can pull off! You are limited only by your creativity when you combine our Mario costumes and accessories together! 

Speaking of Mario accessories, you can add a little extra oomph to your video game costume look when you nail down some time with the Mario Hammer! Whack the time away with your Mario mustache or a Mushroom bag while you're at it. (Where else do you think Mario keeps all of his stuff, anyway?) You'll be able to chase down all the fun when you're zooming in a Mario Kart costume or saddling up Yoshi for your next adventure, too. With a world as vast as the Mushroom Kingdom, there is no stopping the fun. So, press "Start" on your next mission and pick up the best Mario costumes out there. (And, sure, you can even bring Luigi along, too.)