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Is there anything better than LEGOs? We scoured the Earth for that answer and the answer is... not really. LEGOs are amazing, and our LEGO costumes let you cosplay as your favorite LEGO characters! We carry LEGO costumes for kids, along with some cool options for adults. No matter what size LEGO fan you are, there's an outfit waiting for you!
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LEGO Adult Blue Brick Costume
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Products 1 - 14 of 14

Do you and yours have a deep, passionate commitment to all things LEGO? Specialize in LEGO in general or could you show the folks at LEGO something entirely new? If you're a fan, you might wonder who doesn't like LEGO? There's nothing cooler than giant LEGO bricks, after all! If you have a drive, shared by LEGO, to collect and build everything, we've got something for you!

Prepare for a huge selection of kid's Halloween costumes, including licensed character costumes from Marvel, Toy Story, and more, all as a way to dress in a LEGO stylized version of your favorite characters. She and he will be stoked by our Star Wars costumes. Is he or she really into LEGO's playsets? Well, that means they are suitable for a LEGO costume, kids' costumes that lets them live out their fun for real!

It isn't just kids that have passion for the LEGO fun, though. You can dress up your pooch, your spouse, and deck out yourself for a party with our variety of costumes from sexy Halloween costumes to pet costumes; we have them all in LEGO form, too! Have a night of fun built purely from LEGO and show the world triumph in these exciting LEGO costume options. If there is anyone in the world who doesn't know about LEGO, this fun will be the way to introduce them.

LEGO Halloween Costumes

LEGO Ninjago Halloween Costumes are perfect for fans of the LEGO Ninjago series. Whether your kiddos love the original show or the spin-off Masters of Spinjitzu, these costumes will help your child roleplay as their favorite Ninja character. We sell outfits for the two most popular characters from the franchise: Lloyd and Kai. Kids will love showing off the awesome colors and details of these LEGO costumes, which come with masks and gloves to complete the LEGO look.

LEGO Ninjago Lloyd Costumes

Lloyd Ninjago Costume

A LEGO Ninjago Lloyd Costume for kids is sure to make any young fan smile. Not only will they look like the famous Green Ninja and leader of the group, but they'll also have lots of fun pretending to use the power of Spinjitzu while they trick-or-treat or attend costume parties. Complete with the distinctive green tunic, a Lloyd mask, and LEGO hands, this costume will make your little one feel like a true Ninja Master this Halloween!

LEGO Ninjago Kai Costumes

Kai Ninjago Costume

While all of the Ninjago heroes are popular with boys and girls, Kai costumes are one of the top-sellers. Kids love roleplaying as the Fire Ninja since he's a martial arts whiz and has two amazing red swords made of metal. Kids can start a Ninjago adventure at home when you buy the Deluxe Legacy Kai Costume. With a red tunic top and matching pants that feature ninja details and a golden dragon, it will help any little one feel just like an authentic LEGO hero.

LEGO Costume Ideas

There are also lots of great LEGO Halloween costumes that are born right out of the magic of LEGO toy sets. If your kid can't get enough of the brick-building fun at home, they're going to love dressing up as classic LEGO pieces for Halloween! We offer LEGO brick costumes that provide a pullover tunic perfectly shaped like the classic building unit of the LEGO system. And we have kits that provide the iconic look of a LEGO minifigure's yellow head and hands!

LEGO Brick Costumes

LEGO Brick Costume

For kids that are serious brick builders a LEGO brick costume will be tough to beat this Halloween. We sell a LEGO Red Brick Costume and a Blue Brick Costume that will have kiddos decked out just like a rectangle LEGO brick. Each suit features a foam-backed tunic with squared edges and 8 brick "studs." The suits slip over the head and have a slit with a hook and loop closure in the back, so they fit great while trick-or-treating.

LEGO Mask and Hands Kit

LEGO Hands and Mask

If you're shopping for a child who loves everything LEGO, this costume will be tough to beat. Because the Kid's LEGO Guy Set turns your kiddo into a LEGO minifigure! It comes with a plastic mask that recreates the look of a figure's yellow brick head, as well as gloves that recreate the signature cupped LEGO hands. The best part is that all it needs is a t-shirt and jeans to be a complete outfit. But it can also be any LEGO character possible with just a little extra effort!