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Carrying your house keys, car keys, and whatever keys on one ring is nothing new. But giving your keyring some personality can make it feel that way! And when you shop our selection you’ll find everything from Harry Potter keychains to Funko Pop! keychains that match your unique style. So, whether you need to let everyone know that you’re Keeper of Keys at Hogwarts or you want to give your new car key some flash, we have you covered!
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POP Keychain Demon Slayer Zenitsu Agatsuma
Sale - 17%
POP Keychain Demon Slayer Tanjiro Kamado
Sale - 33%
POP Keychain The Marvels Photon
Sale - 33%
POP Keychain Boruto Kawaki
Sale - 30%
POP Keychain Star Wars Classics C-3PO
Sale - 33%
POP Keychain Antman Quantumania MODOK
Sale - 33%
POP! Keychain: Ant-Man: Quantumania - POP! 1
Sale - 33%
Funko Seinfeld Pop Group Keychain
Clearance  - 50%
Products 1 - 60 of 100

There’s something incredibly exciting about picking up your first set of keys from the car dealership or apartment leasing office. No one can fight the urge to grin when they’re tossed the keyring to the family vehicle to test out their driving skills. And even locking up the store you work at the end of that first closing shift feels like a big moment. But the keys tend to be a million times more boring than the freedoms and activities they’re allowing you to enjoy. Give them a makeover with a keychain that matches your personality or the occasion they’re serving!

Not sure what keychain would suit you best? Read on to hear a bit about all our available styles and how we think they’d work for anyone on your shopping list!

Have a kid that finally passed their driving exam? Any keychain that celebrates their favorite fandoms would make an excellent graduation gift! Whether you get them a car to go along with their achievement or simply copy the family keys, so they can carry their own set, our selection of Pop! keychains offers something unique for their new adventure. Choose anything from video game champions to Disney characters and know, if nothing else, your kid will know which keys theirs are!

Is a loved one moving? Maybe they’re moving out of the neighborhood you shared for a state on the other side of the country? Keep them close with cute keychains that can be shared! Maybe Minnie and Mickey are your favorite characters? Our two pack of the charming mice would make a great going away gift—one for you and one for them! Pick two keychains from the same movie or game franchise to do the same. With keychains that match, near or far, you and yours will think of each other each time they open their doors!

Show off your love for a fandom in a subtle and cute way with a keychain modeled after characters and icons from your favorites. Our Harry Potter keychains include options from the golden snitch to the Hogwarts crest. Meanwhile our Marvel keychains and key accessories let you cheer on Spiderman, Deadpool, or Black Panther whether you’re heading out for an errand or dropping your keys at home after a long day away.

A keychain can be as good a way to express yourself as your wardrobe. But, unlike your one-of-a-kind fashion, whether you’re driving to a fancy occasion or making sure a co-worker doesn’t mistake your office keys for theirs, a keychain is appropriate anywhere. So, show off your love of Lilo & Stitch or Fortnite wherever you’re heading when you shop our fun selection!