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Outfit that nude noggin of yours with one of our cool hats! We have a wide variety of headwear, including baseball hats to keep cool in the summer and some beanie hats to keep warm in the winter. We also have specialty hats for men, like Christmas hats, trucker hats and even some superhero-themed dad hats, which make for awesome gifts! And, of course, we have funny snapback hats to round out the whole style!
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Alf Pom Winter Hat
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Artemis Winter Cap
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Cookie Monster Pom Winter Hat
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Yu Gi Oh Pom Winter Hat
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Adult The Hobbit Knit Hat Scarf Set
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Care Bears Grumpy Bear Fuzzy Cap-update
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Products 1 - 7 of 7

On a sunny summer day you want to keep the sun out of your eyes—a baseball cap with a bill is the perfect way to do that. On cold winter days you want to keep your head and ears warm—one of our Peruvian or Laplander-style hats will accomplish that nicely. But the great thing about's selection of hats & caps is that they're more than merely practical.

Hats or caps do more than keep your ears warm or keep the sun out of your eyes! You can make a fashion statement with a dad hat or express your love of any number of movie, TV or comic book characters. Imagine hitting the ski slopes with an Ewok on your head. Or a Care Bear stocking hat, or a friend from Adventure Time on a beanie! Or even surprise a loved one with a matching hats and gloves set for the chilly winter season. We have sizes for kids, mens and womens hats. 

We have licensed character themes from all of the biggest TV shows and movies, from superheroes to cartoons. There's something for everyone: men, women, children of all ages. Check them out!

Unique Hats & Caps

There are probably a million reasons someone wants a hat, just like there are a million reasons you bought that one-of-a-kind gift over the others for your best friend’s birthday. Unfortunately, as much fun as it would be, we don’t have the time to go over each of the reasons you might be looking for a new hat. And it’s unlikely that we’d have adequate time to discuss all the types of hats that exist to serve your hat needs. But we do have all the time in the world to help you shop our unique hats and caps!

Whether you’re looking to expand your collection or surprise a cap fanatic in your life, you’ve come to the right place! All you need to do is follow this guide of what our selection has in store for you and yours. From cozy beanies perfect for bad hair days and cold weather ‘fits to trendy dad caps that are ready for their closeup, you’re sure to find the accessory to top all accessories!

Pop Culture Hats

It’s no secret, we consider ourselves experts on pop culture. Which means, when shopping our selection, you’re likely to find something that matches many of your special interests from specific decades to niche television series. But in this guide, we’re going to narrow the field to the versatile hat. Because sometimes you want a casual knit cap that finishes your cosplay or a Halloween costume hat that perfects your kid’s children’s book outfit for Read Across America Day. Either way, the following snapshots are here to help you find the pop culture toque that brings your ensemble together!

Harry Potter Hats

Harry Potter Winter Hat

Whether you’re gearing up for a trip to the Wizarding World or just out of the house in the winter, this first pop culture pick is one of our favorites. From our collection of exclusives, this cozy Harry Potter cap is sure to be your new favorite too! Decorated with shimmering constellations based on the Hogwarts houses, any proud alumnus can make the hat a staple in their wardrobe. Explore our full Harry Potter catalog for even more magical gifts to pair with this whimsical wizard’s hat!

Disney Hats

Disney Baseball Hat

Next in the lineup, Disney! From classic Mickey shorts to the latest and greatest Star Wars installment, Disney has been picking up fans since the start. So, of course, our selection is ready to get every adoring fan decked out in Disney duds from head to toe! Get ready for a sunny trip to a Disney theme park with this sweet Winnie the Pooh dad cap. Featuring a simple embroidered character, this trendy hat lets you celebrate your love for Disney subtly or as an addition to your eye-catching Disney bound.

Kids Disney Hats

Disney Winter Hat

More Disney? Why, yes! There’s no such thing as too much Disney, especially for kids! They listen to the movie soundtracks until the neighbors can sing along and have seen their favorite Disney Jr. show so many times, you can quote it! So, whether their wardrobe is full of Disney too or the kiddo in your life just needs a new winter hat, this cuffed Minnie hat is a must-have! Of course, if Minnie isn’t their preferred Disney darling, our selection of kids’ Disney gifts is sure to help you discover the perfect accessory to delight them with!

Anime Hats

Anime Snapback

Now, it’s not that you can’t add more anime POPs to your shelf. But you want another way to show some love for your favorite stories. And when your brilliant cosplay isn’t right for the setting—some offices prefer business casual—a hat is a great stand-in! Pop this Demon Slayer snapback on before work and you needn’t worry about doing more than taking it off before the boss sees. Though, they may want to discuss the latest episode. From the newest anime to the series you hope never end (even after 900+ episodes), our anime selection has you covered!

Video Game Hats

Pokemon Baseball Hat

We’ve all done it. Stayed up too late enjoying our favorite video game, slept in, and had to rush to get ready the next day. Typically, that means part of your routine will suffer. And let’s face it, doing your hair is the easiest to scrap. Luckily, you can throw on a cap and call it good! So, whether you’re heading to a video game convention or planning another marathon game night, grab the hat that suits your needs. For bad hair day coverage, cosplay accessorizing, or a simple nod to your favorite franchise, our video game selection is sure to have your winner!

Superhero Hats

Marvel Winter Hat

It’s well-known that a superhero’s incognito uniform is a hoodie, sunglasses, and a baseball cap. So, of course, we have heroic dad caps, snapbacks, and baseball caps to complete your disguise. But If you’re not looking to go undercover and would prefer to show support for a hero, without wearing your Marvel or DC costumes, you’ve got options. Like this beanie! Stylish and useful for anyone without Thor’s flowing blond locks protecting their ears from the cold, this exclusive knit hat and its fellows are sure to have you feeling super!

Horror Movie Hats

Friday the 13th Hat

Horror isn’t for everyone. You learn that each time you gush about a new film or when you rip into the intricacies of classic horror films in casual company. Luckily, you’ve also learned to share your love for the genre in ways that limit a non-fan’s exposure, including wearable merch from our horror movie gifts catalog! And whether you’re looking to top off your collection or expand it, you’re set with our scarier hats. From minimalist Jason ball caps to beanies that bring Pennywise to life, you can give a nod to your favorite franchises when shopping here!

Famous Hats in Movies

Back to The Future Hat

There are plenty of films that have viewers itching to dress just like the characters on screen. Luckily, that’s what costumes are for! You, yours, and the pets can all race through the house, neighborhood, or convention halls looking like your favorite superhero, Disney character, or wizard without much difficulty. But then there are costume pieces that you’d love to rock every day because Marty McFly’s holographic hat is the coolest hat that’s ever been. And, of course, our selection is back from the future with iconic movie hats just for you!

Winter Beanies

When the winds begin to blow and rain turns to snow, it’s time to bundle up a little warmer. And while as a kid you may have hated the wool hat, knit mittens, and stuffy scarf your parent pulled over your burnt orange puffer coat, as an adult you know cold weather doesn’t mean style is sacrificed! From the littlest rug-rat running around your house to the top of your own head, our selection of winter hats offers everything your grade-school winter gear didn’t. Explore a couple of our favorite options below before stocking up on all the cute, cozy, and cool winter weather protection we have available!

Beanies for Women

Womens Beanie

First up is our exclusive cactus beanie! The slouch knit hat is a guaranteed winner with its vibrant color to banish winter’s grey and versatile fit that promises to keep most noggins warm. The standout style doesn’t stop there, though! Accessorize for a cool weather hike in the desert. Bundled up and blending in you’ll have all the picture-perfect selfies and landscapes to capture! Or gift the unique cap to a friend living in the frozen north while you enjoy the relative heat of anywhere else. With a cactus on their head, they’re sure to enjoy warmer thoughts.

Laplander Hats

Laplander Hat

Beanies are great! Versatile. A year-round wardrobe staple for some even. But if you’re looking for something even better at protecting your ears from the chill of winter, a Laplander hat is it! Made to stretch over the ears and not just the head, these classic hats promise to keep more of you warm. Just look at Grinch! He no longer snarls from up on Mt. Crumpit, not only because his heart grew bigger (which surely helped warm his body) but because this exclusive Grinch Laplander exists and keeps even his high-altitude dwelling from freezing his noggin!

Funny Snapback Hats

As expressive as a knit hat can be, a snapback, baseball, or dad cap has always been there to show off a wearer’s special interests. Whether putting their favorite sports team on display or boasting about the company they work for, the front of a “hat person’s” snapback has acted as a billboard ad. But with all that space, you best believe other fandoms and ultra-specific niches took their opportunity to shine from above every flat or curved bill. And that’s where you get a selection of billed hats like ours. From anime to Disney and NASA to the Neitherworld, we’ll show you the snapback or cap that speaks for you!

Kids Baseball Hats

Kids Baseball Hat

Got a kiddo in your life that’s obsessed with a particular character or game? Help them express that love with baseball hats designed just for them! One of our favorites is this flashy Sonic the Hedgehog cap. Print with Sonic’s face and featuring a tiny set of hedgehog ears at the top, your kid is ready to zoom through their day just like their favorite video game hero. As an added bonus, this officially licensed accessory acts as a cosplay piece allowing your budding gamer to embrace their dress-up skills to create costumes and video game wardrobes all their own!

Unique Dad Hats

Cool Dad Hat

Whether it was your dad, grandpa, uncle, or a friend’s parent wearing the sweat-stained accessory, chances are you’ve seen a curve-billed cap that was more than well-loved. As the embroidery faded new caps were gifted, but even the best Father’s Day gifts couldn’t replace the tattered toque. It made you want one too, and now it’s your turn! Discover the sure to be over-worn dad cap that’s right for you. In our selection of everything from Care Bears to College, there’s a hat that pairs great with every outfit, even when it doesn’t.