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Harry Potter Costumes

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You're looking for a truly magical outfit to wear to your next costume event? There's no better place to start than the Wizarding World! Everyone has their favorite character from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts series, and when you shop with us, you’ll find the ones you love best. So, whether you want a set of Hogwarts robes or a disguise that can fool Muggles you’ll find the perfect ensemble in our selection of Harry Potter Costumes!
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

You may not have gotten a letter delivered by Owl Post, but you’re definitely still invited to enter the Wizarding World! The universe created by J.K. Rowling has been inspiring fans with dynamic characters and stories since 1997. As the series gained popularity it transformed into a multi-media franchise that welcomed every fan to continue the story with their own original creations. And, if you ask us, there’s nothing better for bringing a character to life than becoming them with a costume. So, whether you’re getting ready for a Harry Potter theme-party or heading out for a magical Halloween, you’ll find a costume that’s perfect for the occasion!

Fans of the Harry Potter series will find everything they need to bring Hogwarts home along with their favorite characters. Start with a set of Hogwarts school robes. Go back to the days that Dumbledore taught and Newt Scamander stirred up mischief with vintage-inspired house colors. Or return to the Harry Potter years with robes that look like they were taken right off the movie screen. Fulfill your lifelong wish and become one of Hogwarts' famous professors. Whether you prefer the cunning and conflicted Severus Snape or the elegant and fierce Minerva McGonagall, there’s a costume inspired by some of Hogwarts’ most impressive educators for you!

Follow the adventures of Newt Scamander and all his fantastic beasts with costumes inspired by the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movies. Become the charming but reckless Magizoologist himself with a Newt Scamander costume or try your hand at wrangling everyone’s favorite magical creature with a Niffler costume fit for the little tyke in your life!

Once you have your costume selected, don’t forget all the magic accessories and tools you’ll need to complete your look! If you’re heading to Hogwarts with your flashy school robes, you’ll want all the winter gear to go with. It gets cold in Scotland where the castle sits, so a good scarf and hat in your house colors is the perfect addition to your ensemble. It’ll be hard to cast your spells without a wand, but we have a few that are ready to choose the right witch or wizard! With a selection of costume accessories that covers everything from socks and ties to skirts and masks, you’ll find everything you need before starting another magical journey.

Whether you’re diving into the Wizarding World for the first time or you’re expanding your full-fledged wizarding wardrobe, you’ll find the Harry Potter costume or accessory that suits your needs. With every size from infant to plus size and characters from Dobby the House Elf to Death Eaters and Dementors, there’s something in our selection for everyone!

Harry Potter Halloween Costumes

Harry Potter Costumes

We have yet to meet a fan that hasn't cast themselves as a character in the Harry Potter franchise. They may be an extra, happily strolling Hogwarts' halls unaware of Harry and Dumbledore's shenanigans and heroics. Then again, they may imagine themselves as Harry or Dumbledore playing it differently or following the characters' exact steps. Either way, the transformation can be made more magical with Harry Potter costumes!

Luckily, whether looking for Hogwarts robes or a Luna Lovegood ensemble to perfect your family Halloween costume, our selection has you covered!

Harry Potter Costumes

Whether planning a Harry Potter costume or a Harry Potter-themed costume, you'll want to start with a robe! Gryffindor robes are a must for a DIY Harry, then it's up to you whether licensed accessories finish the look or a cosplay develops at home. Keep it simpler with deluxe costumes that have everything fans need to become the Boy Who Lived. Or mix and match Harry Potter robes with wands, scarves, and ties to become a unique Hogwarts student!

Hermione Granger Costumes

The differences between Hermione and Harry costumes are accessories. Luckily, we've got what's needed to distinguish Hermione from other Gryffindor students. Fans easily recognize Hermione with her wand, a Time Turner, or her magical handbag part of the ensemble. But Hermione in a Ravenclaw robe breathes life into fanfiction and catty features add Polyjuice to the mix. See, here, there are no limits on the brilliant witch!

Bellatrix Lestrange Costumes

Assembling a Harry Potter group costume? Fascinated by the Wizarding World's darker characters? Maybe a meta cosplay of Hermione playing Bellatrix is the goal. Whatever way, if you want to dress as Lord Voldemort's most devoted supporter, our Bellatrix costumes are a must! The complete ensembles are better than Polyjuice. But you can be a precocious Hogwarts Bellatrix in a Slytherin robe with all the Death Eater-worthy accessories too! Just don't forget the wild hair!

Hagrid Costumes

Want to transform into the exact opposite of Bellatrix Lestrange? Then grab an umbrella and our exclusive Hagrid costume! Becoming half-giant has never been easier than with this licensed ensemble. Though, unless your mane is already as shaggy as the lovable gamekeeper's, you'll want to invest time growing or applying some facial hair. And while we can't magic fans as tall as Hagrid, we do sell platform boots!