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What do a Studio 54 patron and Wonder Woman have in common? They both wear Gogo boots! These colorful, chunky boots came into vogue in the sixties, stayed until the eighties, and have been coming back for a visit on a regular basis ever since! The perfect pair of shoes to wear with a mini dress, there are plenty of reasons why gogo boots stay popular. Dressing up in 70s style? You'll find plenty of colors here to match your groovy new look, here!
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Products 1 - 27 of 27

If you're on our site, then you probably already know that we've got some pretty rad 70's costumes. But these days, it can be difficult to find shoes that are flamboyant enough to meet that bright flower and paisley pattern energy. Finding the right pair in this colorful array of gogo boots is the perfect way to rock your new 60s or 70s costume!

The gogo boot was called the gogo boot, it was invented in 1964 by a French fashion designer as a part of his futuristic "Moon Girl" collection. It was no surprise when they became popular in the mind-sixties as the boots paired perfectly with mini skirts and hot pants, staples of the Mod craze that was coming to light in cities all over the world. Since they were easy to dance in, they made their way onto popular tv dance shows like Hollywood A Go-Go. By the time that Nancy Sinatra came out with "These Boots are Made for Walking" while wearing the popular boots on her album cover, the boots were a wardrobe staple of any teen girl of the 1960s!

As soon as these boots were made of more affordable materials, the manufacturers started making boots in a wide variety of colors. You'll see a wide range of these colors here! Take, for instance, the sparkling silver gogo boots. They're absolutely perfect for the dance floor. They pick up every beam from the disco light and will make you break out into your groovy moves even more often. Boots like these will make you want to look for excuses to zip into these boots.

The classic gogo boot is white and they hit right under the knee. They're oh-so danceable with a low heel. They zip up the side and can match perfectly with minidresses of all color schemes. If you've got dreams of living the mod lifestyle, go-go boots are a must!

Do you have a kid with a groovy side? They can have a funkadelic wardrobe too! We have a couple of different colors of kid's go-go boots. We have a classic white, sparkly rainbow, and bright orange that instantly brings to mind a kitchen from the seventies, without any of the vegetable Jell-O molds that were so popular back then. 

Gogo boots go with so many different characters. Once you have a pair you can dress up as your favorite character from Mad Men. Or you could flaunt some 90's style by going out as a Spice Girl. You could even put together a costume for the mod mystery busteress of the Scooby-Doo gang, Daphne! These boots aren't only made for walking, they're made for having an awesome time in style and comfort!

Ready to zip into some great boots? Mod style for your feet is right at your fingertips! Now, if only you could figure out what color to order? With how many costumes these boots go with, you might as well order a few of your favorites!