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Take a trip to Camp Crystal Lake with our selection of Friday the 13th gifts! With all the franchise has to offer, it can be difficult to find a gift that a Friday the 13th fan doesn’t have. When you search our selection of gifts, you’re sure to find something unique! From Jason Voorhees collectibles and accessories to Friday the 13th figures that bring the character to life (again), there’s something for every fan of this classic slasher!
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Friday the 13th Crossbody Bag-2
Sale - 57% Exclusive
Adult Friday the 13th Jason Slipper Main UPD
Sale - 47% Exclusive
Thrills and Kills Friday the 13th Shirt
Made By Us
Sale - 71% Exclusive
Vintage Horror Friday the 13th Shirt
Made By Us
Clearance Exclusive
Men's Friday the 13th Jason Blazer-update
Made By Us
Clearance Exclusive
Friday the 13th Jason High Top Adult Sneakers
Sale - 10% Exclusive
Adult Freddy vs Jason Ugly Halloween Sweater 1
Made By Us
Sale - 70% Exclusive
Camp Crystal Lake Traditional Ballcap
Sale - 10%
Friday The 13th All Over Print Sleep Pants
Sale - 35%
Black Ripped Tights
Sale - 13%
Out of Stock
POP Jason Voorhees Vinyl Figure Update
Out of Stock
Friday the 13th Metal Lunchbox Update
Out of Stock
Friday the 13th Tapestry Throw
Out of Stock
Friday the 13th The Final Chapter Adult Long Sleeve Shirt Up
Out of Stock
Geeki Tiki Jason Voorhees Mug Update
Out of Stock
Friday the 13th Ceramic Pencil Holder
Out of Stock
Jason Mascot Mask Update
Out of Stock
Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake Ugly Halloween Sweater 1
Made By Us  
Clearance Exclusive
Products 1 - 42 of 42

So, you're into camping? Hanging out under the stars, shivering around a fire, and listening to the natural sounds of... what? What's that you say, not camp? Oh! Campy horror movies! Now, that makes a lot more sense. That's on brand, right there. Right we're just grateful that we don't have to write five-hundred words on camping and we can focus on a subject we really like, the joy of classic horror movies like Friday the 13th!

Yes, the long-spun legend of Jason Vorhees goes deeper than 80's style slashers. The argument that Jason began the tradition of camp-based horror could be made. We don't know that it couldn't be shot down, we're not horror historians. But if any franchise has set the bar for balancing summertime fun and teens coming of age with the horror of the camp counselors being picked off one by one by a silent revenant, it's Friday the 13th and everyone knows it!

Being a founding film of the modern horror genre, it's no wonder why horror movie fans of all ages (even if they weren't around to watch eighties horror movies on a rented VCR) appreciate Friday the 13th gifts. From apparel to collectibles, gifting them a piece of Jason Vorhees's aesthetic will let them know that you understand why their macabre interests have survived through the decades and all the sequels, even the Sci-Fi blended movie, Jason X!

Horror movie director hopefuls will love unwrapping the Jason Vorhees journal. Perfect for writing notes on lighting or even beginning a script, the book might be what it takes to bring a brand new delightful, low budget horror movie into the world. And collectors will be delighted when they've unwrapped Friday the 13th figures that they can pose and change to switch the mask on Jason's face. The way each horror fan wants to take own a piece of this iconic franchise changes from person to person. 

Now, Friday the 13th gifts don't have to be focused only on Jason Vorhees collectibles, delightful as they might be! What some fans need is something that can be used! There are all sorts of ways to wear your love of this movie on your sleeve. For instance, our Made by Us knitted Camp Crystal Lake sweater. Or a cozy winter hat that has Jason's famous mask on the front or knitted into the plain white fabric. 

There's really something for everyone and every occasion. Socks for stocking stuffers on Christmas morning. A fanny pack to give to your friend before she goes camping in a strange place, you never know when she'll have to go on the run out there. A stuffed Jason Vorhees to give to a post-op friend so they can cuddle their favorite killer while healing on the couch (and rewatching a few horror movies, of course! 

Do you think you've found the right Friday the 13th gift for your special someone? This gift catalog has everything you need from Jason and Freddy t-shirts to a Friday the 13th puzzle box for the office, these horror movie gifts make a lasting impact!