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Ready to roar? You've landed in the right spot, because we have a huge selection of exclusive dinosaur costume designs. Our Made by Us dinosaur costumes feature stunning printed designs and plenty of plush spikes and claws, too. Our sizes and styles include kid's dinosaur costumes and plenty of designs for adults, too, so shop our entire selection to outfit your whole family in Jurassic style!
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Products 1 - 5 of 5

Everyone goes through a dinosaur phase. You know about the dinosaur phase, right? Well, let us explain! For most, it starts sometime during the toddler years. You get obsessed with dinosaurs. You only want to watch dinosaur movies. You only want to play with dinosaur toys... and sometimes, you even want to actually become a dinosaur. Of course, that's crazy talk, because no one can ever become a dinosaur. We're all stuck being human beings in this modern age, right? Stampeding through the countryside is definitely against the rules. Stalking your prey in a kitchen is just weird! It'd be ludicrous to actually try to transform into a dinosaur... right?

Wrong! Through the power of costume, you can hop into the ancient past and transform into one of the mighty reptiles that once commanded the Earth! That's right. Our selection of dinosaur costumes lets you and your friends and loved ones turn into a creature from prehistory. You don't have to hide that so-called crazy dream from the world. You can walk proudly across the Earth as the dinosaur you know you are inside!

So, what sort of dinosaur costumes can you find here? Well, for starters we carry plenty of dinosaur costumes for kids. And we carry just about every kind of costume your child could want. Do they love the T-Rex? We wouldn't blame them if they did. They're huge, after all... something most kids dream of becoming. Well, just check out our tyrannosaurus rex costumes. If they love the velociraptor, we have some costumes for that. We even have some of the classic fan favorites, like triceratops and stegosaurus. (You might even notice a few fictional dinosaurs that your kiddos love. Yoshi doesn't live just on the Nintendo, after all!) 

What about adults? We know that the fascination for dinosaurs doesn't just go away once we grow out of childhood. That's why we made sure to create a huge selection of dino costumes for adults. Although some people grow out of the dinosaur stage during their teen years, some people hold onto their love of dinosaurs well into adulthood. Our adult dinosaur costumes are perfect for anyone who's never fully let go of their love for dinos. We carry some of the same styles we have for kids in adult sizes.

Of course, we can't talk about dinosaur costumes without mentioning Jurassic Park! It would be completely unthinkable, since the movie series has popularized dinosaurs in a really magical way! We carry all of the best officially licensed Jurassic Park themed costumes around, including the now-famous inflatable costume! Get your crew together and rampage through the streets in the iconic inflatable dinosaur look. We have more than just the Jurassic arena of costumes. You'll find other licensed dinosaur costumes, including Reptar, Godzilla, Dino from the Flintstones, and more Yoshi than you can handle. 

You'll also find a few fantastic forms. Sure, dragons and dinosaurs aren't exactly the same kind of critter, but we had to include the dinosaur's cousin in this epic category. Team up as a group and conquer the planet once more!