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The adventures of the VKs and Auradon students are never over! What devious plans does Maleficent still have? Will Mal, Evie, & the rest be able to keep the peace? (Will Audrey be on the side of good this time?) It's time to create your own story with our collection of Descendants costumes for girls! We feature your favorite pals like Mal, Evie, & Audrey costumes. Don't forget to accessorize with matching wigs and gloves to complete your outfit!
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Descendants Girls Mal Deluxe Costume
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Descendants Girls Evie Deluxe Costume
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Descendants 3 Mal Adult Deluxe Costume
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Disney Descendants Womens Maleficent Costume-2
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Disney Deluxe Descendants 3 Girls Mal Costume
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Descendants 3 Evie Womens Deluxe Costume
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Evie Descendants 3 Girls Classic Costume
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Descendants Womens Cruella Costume-2
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Girls Disney Descendants 3 Mal Classic Costume
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Descendants 3 Uma Girls Classic Costume
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Descendants 3 Girls Evie Deluxe Costume
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Descendants 3 Girls Uma Deluxe Costume
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Descendants 3 Girls Audrey Deluxe Costume
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Descendants 3 Girls Uma Wig
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Products 1 - 18 of 18

Have you ever thought back to the epic tales that are hidden away in the vault at Disney? Sometimes, you just need to get your Snow White on. You wonder what Sleeping Beauty was dreaming of during her long nap under Maleficent's curse. From Cinderella all on her own to every one of the 101 Dalmatians, there are so many characters that we love. At the same time... we know the whole story, already. It's no surprise that Prince Charming is going to help save the day or that the Evil Queen's mirror is not going to have great news about who is topping the beauty charts. We need new stories! We need the next chapter.

It's a new generation of Disney and the Descendants of all the heroes and villains that you've come to love are here to make a name for themselves. They are primed with a bounty of colorful costumes and masterful melodies to keep us rocking into the next decade. And, naturally, we're here to provide you and your kiddos with the looks that will bring you all right into the fun. 

They hardly need an introduction after three hit movies and some online shorts, but in case you need some help navigating through the ever-changing hairdos, here are some tips to find the perfect costume for you and your loved ones. 

Naturally, we start with Mal. She's the daughter of Maleficent and has quite the magic up her sleeves, too. She rocks hair color from deep purple, rich blue, or hot pink. Her threads are edgy with a hint of leather and a splash of dark color tones. They all make her dragon form look pretty awesome, too! Fortunately, Mal is as good-hearted as they come... usually. 

Next up is Evie. She's named after her mother's unfortunately title. That's probably a good thing, though. (Queen Grimhilde doesn't offer much of a cute kiddo version, after all.) Gorgeous blue hair and stylish duds make this little weaving wonder a star, even if she doesn't quite live up to her mother's prowess for spellcasting. 

If you're looking for a goodie-gone-bad, Audrey is your gal. Who can blame this blonde-to-pink-haired princess for getting frustrated when a Villain Kid shows up and takes over her destiny? Queen Audrey has quite the ring to it, right!? Well, with an Audrey costume like this, your kiddo will feel like a star... even if she sometimes becomes the villain!

There's more, though. We also carry some great Uma costumes. When you're the daughter of the great sea witch, Ursula, folks probably expect more out of you than they did for even Mal. Fortunately, Uma's got the skills to stand up to those hopes. She's a perfect pirate and a masterful magic-user. She needs it to keep those green curls looking as awesome as she does! Don't worry, though. We've got the wigs to make that happen with a snap. 

With all these great Descendants characters to choose from, your biggest challenge is just picking your favorite. We've got the Disney costumes and accessories to make the night go right!