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Are you looking for an a-moo-sing costume? Stop right here. Cow costumes are what you need! You can’t complete your old Macdonald’s group costume without a cow to sing their part. Dressed as a dairy cow, your toddler will be udder-ly adorable. And we can’t wait to see what pun-based looks you come up with in these exclusive costumes. So, give a cow costume a try, and milk it for all it’s worth!
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Kids Bull Costume

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Products 1 - 11 of 11

There are a few reasons you might be here. Your child may want to be a cow for Halloween. You may have planned a barnyard-themed family costume for everyone to enjoy. Or, you’re the master of animal-based humor, and you have conjured up a cow costume that’s honestly too funny not to try. But whatever your reason for visiting our cow herd of costumes, we’ll help you spot the one that’s right for you!

After all, you may be here because someone said the costume party is animal-themed, and every other animal is already taken. You don’t want to be just a cow, though. So, follow us on a quick tour of our cow herd for a few cow costume ideas you may not have considered!

A plain cow costume is great! That’s why we have a variety of cow suits exclusive to us but inclusive of everyone from toddler size 18M to male adult size 6X. You’ll be wrapped head to toe in your lovely cow getup and ready to spend Halloween a-moo-sing people left, right, and center. Your kid may love it so much that they beg to stay up way pasture bedtime just to enjoy being a cow eating Halloween candy. But, with a cow costume from us, the possibilities for fun are endless!

Though, we suppose that’s actually up to you. Our cow costume ideas end with this page for the time being, but we’re sure we can inspire your next legen-dairy look!

Get punny with your costume. We’re still over here snorting about Sir Loin, the cow knight of Halloween. We’ve never seen such a regal cow with their cozy spotted jumpsuit and a knight’s helmet on their crown. And a cow in a tutu claiming to be a milkshake just floors us every time. How could you not take a spin on the dancefloor with such a graceful and clever cow?  Better yet, layer your cow costume with a prim and proper outfit, maybe a set of pearls. We’re confident you won’t feel bad about making a Miss Steak!

We’re not cowmedians, though clearly, we’re trying. But with cow costumes, you can prove your wit or just enjoy a Halloween romp as your favorite farm animal. Feel seen and herd when you bring your favorite cow pun to life. Delight your little one with a costume inspired by their obsession with dairy calves. Or confirm the neighborhood's belief that there’s no bull in your Halloween game. Unless, of course, you pick out a bull costume… However, you mix and match these cow costumes, you’re in for an udder-ly good time!