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Comfy Throws

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Cold outside? Well, get cozy inside when you snuggle up in one of our comfy throw blankets. These soft and luxurious blankets have sleeves, so you can wear them like a robe. That’s guaranteed to keep you feeling nice and toasty all day long! We have styles for both adults and kids, so just pick your favorite look and get ready for cuddle time on the couch!
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It’s tough making it through the winter portion of the year. We should know, because we hail from the icy northern state of Minnesota, so we know that struggle. You have to do everything you can just to keep warm, like heating up a nice mug of hot cocoa or tossing a log in the fireplace. Since there’s no shortage of chilly weather around here, we’ve looked into all of the best ways to keep cozy, even when it’s cold outside. The conclusion we came to is that comfy throws are one of the most function, economical, and downright fun ways to keep warm!

For the uninitiated, comfy throws are a type of blanket. Now, they’re not just any blanket. They’re a blanket that’s made out of cozy fleece material and, of course, the best part about them is each one has a pair of sleeves on them. That means you can wear a comfy throw blanket like a robe. It’s like being wrapped in a cocoon of warm toastiness! They also feature some really cool designs, so you can represent some of your favorite movies, comic book characters, and sports teams when you use a comfy throw to keep cozy.

Since we love comfy throws so much, we decided to find all of the best ones out there. And when we mean the best ones, we mean ALL of the best ones! We have styles that include DC Comics characters, like Batman and Superman, and, of course, Wonder Woman. No worries for Marvel fans, because we have an equally impressive selection of Marvel-themed superhero throws, like Captain America, Spider-Man, and more.

Movie fans can rejoice, because we some great Star Wars and Harry Potter throws. We carry each a comfy throw for each Hogwarts House, including Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. And if you’re feeling a little like  Star Wars marathon, nothing is more comfy to wear than our Chewbacca, Darth Vader, or Stormtrooper themed comfy throws.

Of course, we didn’t forget about sports fans! We have a great selection of NFL themed comfy throws for you football fans out there. We’re talking teams like the Denver Bronco and the Green Bay Packers. We’ve also gathered up plenty of cool blankets based on your favorite baseball and hockey teams as well, so no matter what team you like to root for, you can find a cozy blanket to suit your needs!

To top it all off, we have styles the kids can enjoy! Kid favorites like Shimmer and Shine and Paw Patrol make nap time extra fun! And since they come in cute, small size, they’ll feel snug as a bug in a rug when they toss it on!

So, take it from us. If you want to keep warm and toasty this winter season, grab one of our comfy throws! We have a style for everyone, so you can find something that will keep you feeling warm, while giving you some extra cool style to wear around the house.