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Playtime is about to begin so get ready for pandemonium to commence! These Chucky gifts make the perfect collectible for fans of the Good Guy franchise featuring everyone's favorite murderous doll. We have Chucky action figures that look great lined across a shelf creating the ultimate creepy vibe. Plus, don't forget about Chucky's main squeeze, Tiff. We have plenty of Bride of Chucky collectibles too to make horror fans rejoice!
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Killer Doll Costume for Women

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Chucky Mens Boxer Briefs

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Products 1 - 60 of 77

We have a confession: we're a little obsessed with Chucky. Okay, actually we're really obsessed with Chucky. Ever since we heard the character is basically a metaphor for childhood rage, we've been hooked. At first glance, the Good Guy Doll appears completely harmless. He's made of plastic with a tuft of orange hair and freckles, plus he's smaller than a 2-year-old but inside the tiny, doll body lives the soul of the Lakeshore Strangler, so he's a legit maniac determined to find a human body to snatch and make his own. (Andy, we're talking about you!) You better believe Charles E. Ray isn't going to be encased in plastic forever! The maniacal little plaything also has an amazing sense of humor which is how he attracted his wife, Tiff, who also has an incredible personality for a killer doll. They're an entertaining murderous duo! Sure, together they've killed more people than we can count on our fingers and toes but at least they make us giggle while maiming and mutilating! 

Chucky and Tiffany make their killing escapades fun to watch so if you're a fan of horror movies then the Chucky franchise has to rank high on your list. If you're after the most heinous-looking collectibles on the market, then congratulations because you've come to the right place, friend! We have Chucky gifts to make you scream in excitement and fear simultaneously. If you love lining shelves and mantle places with vinyl figures and action figures, you're in luck because we have plenty of those. If you're a fan of mini figures then you'll love the Chucky Head Knocker, Pop Vinyl, and action figure. All of these items are pretty small and won't take up much space on an office desk or a bedroom dresser. It's also a casual way to let people know you're an intense evil doll fan. 

If you rather watch Tiff wield a sharp object instead of the demonic redhead, then don't forget to peruse our Bride of Chucky gifts which you'll also find in this category. The tiny wedding-dress wearing dolly possesses her own special charm. Plus, no one pulls off a wedding dress and leather jacket combo like Tiff! You'll love our Bride of Chucky knit socks, featuring a cartoon image of Tiff. Use them to offset your officially licensed Bride of Chucky costume! Pick up 2 figures in one with a simple 2-pack that comes with both Chucky and Tiffany figures, both measuring 7 inches tall. They also come with interchangeable heads (sweet!) and plenty of tiny plastic weapons like guns (for pretend shooting), knives (for pretend stabbing), and shovels (for pretend burying.)

We know there are enough Chucky gifts in this category to satisfy even the most diehard fans! No matter what you choose to purchase for yourself or a Chucky-loving friend, these collectibles will make them smile, sinisterly. Be sure to leave a product review for whatever Chucky doll gifts you decide to purchase because we love hearing from you!