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If you're like us, then the fear of creepy dolls has been giving you shivers since you were a kid! Any dolls that are a little too close to real life for comfort belongs in the scary dolls category. Luckily, Chucky Doll is there to add a little humor to our deeply ingrained discomfort with our childhood toys. Add Chucky and Tiffany dolls to your collection and you'll be sure that these scary dolls chase off any lesser creepy dolls. Great! Right?
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

Believe it or not, the serial killer Charles Lee Ray has been causing terror in the form of the Good Guy Doll for a good thirty years now! Considering all the movies that Chucky has starred in, there are a few fantastic real-life versions of the red-haired doll with an un-hinged grin. If you're interested in bringing Chucky into your life, the original Chucky Doll looks rather innocent.

Take the Replica Child's Play 2 Chucky Doll, for instance! Coming in a Good Guys box with a window, you'd hardly guess that the doll was murderous. He's got a happy grin, bright blue eyes, and a head of red hair. He can be posed however you like but unless you pose anything sharp near his body, he seems pretty much blameless! This makes this new Chucky doll a great option for horror fans that don't want their display to be too disturbing for passers-by. After all, kids under a certain age don't need to know just how evil Chucky Doll can be!

If you want to keep your Chucky doll life-size figure happy, he will need a companion. That's where the charming yet temperamental Tiffany comes in. A scary Chucky doll can be kept cool once he's paired with the bride of Chucky. In a wedding dress and leather jacket, she's one of the most fashionable of all the creepy dolls! 

An innocent version isn't the only Chucky doll for sale. Sometimes, a real Chucky doll needs to show the wear-and-tear of his malicious past-times. The original Chucky doll was amped up when Mezco Toys rolled out replicas such as the scarred version that can hold a knife or the extremely disturbing Pizza Face Childs Play Chucky doll. 

If the question "How much is a Chucky Doll" is at the top of your concerns, we understand. High-quality Chucky dolls come in a range of sizes starting at around one-hundred dollars. The replicas are priced over five-hundred dollars, which is a good price to add a life-size horror icon to your collection. You won't see a life-size Mr. Myers replica for that price. We suppose that's the nice part of a movie series starring a pint-sized villain in the main role! 

There are plenty of ways to display these Chucky replicas. Set Pizza Face right next to your vintage Chucky Doll on your horror display. Pose with Chucky while wearing a Chucky Doll costume that you can find on our site! Just remember that any Chucky Doll sighting is sure to send some fully-grown adults back to the terror they felt when they were kids, watching the original Chucky movie for the first time. As a good friend, you have to be ready to calm them down and let them know that you're keeping all weapons far, far away from your creepy doll collection!

Whatever your taste in Chucky dolls might be, you'll be delighted to find a range of Chucky variations in the category. Just remember that Chucky will be your friend to the end, so your murderous doll replica will be around for a while!