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Aquaman Costumes

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Want to sea all you can sea? Transcend basic mermaidom and become the superhero of the seas with these Aquaman costumes. We have a range of sizes for men and kids and a women's Mera costume as well! With different styles for modern and retro tastes, you're sure to find the perfect look to dive into your nautical adventures!
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Womens Mera Costume
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Child Aquaman Costume
Mens Classic Premium Aquaman Costume
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Products 1 - 8 of 8

When you're heading out into the chaos of Halloween this year, become a superhero that embraces the fun side of life. Get wild with these Aquaman costumes. These looks have come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit the needs of all sorts of heroes. From a toy set to make playing pretend extra exciting for kids to a high-quality Comiccon ready costume for adults, you'll find all sorts of Aquaman wonders in this category! 

Does your child want in on Aquaman style adventures? We get it. Who wouldn't want to dive deep and freely explore the canyons and reefs of the deep sea? There would be so much to see and discover. Remember the scene when young Arthur is swimming through the deep sea while racing dolphins and riding the currents. That's gotta make for some awesome imagination play. It's no wonder that we have a high demand for children's Aquaman costumes.

Whether your kid wants a costume that represents Arthur in his shirtless, tattooed glory or they want to wear a golden, muscled costume, they have options. These costumes are made up of jumpsuits with scaley patterns and a muscle top to make little kids look ready to take on all bad guys whether on land or in the sea. It's about time we got our kids out there, fighting for the safety of the seas!

But we all know that Aquaman isn't just for kids. Everyone wants a taste of nautical adventure! You can get Jason Mamoa's look with a muscle chest Adult Aquaman costume in gold. Pair it with our Aquaman beard and hair set and you'll easily look the part. Or perhaps you want to keep it old school. The classic comic book Aquaman style isn't forgotten! We have a bright and cheery version of his look in the classic premium Aquaman costume. It has fitted green tights under black briefs. It's paired with a fitted red shirt with a scale pattern for that fishy touch. 

And let's never forget the queen of the sea, Mera. She's tough. She's fast. And we have to say she's rather fashionable. Who wouldn't want to channel this smart-talking, deep diving diva? The featured Mera costume in this collection is gorgeous. The jumpsuit glows with greens and deep blues, just like the sea. It has a subtle scale pattern throughout the jumpsuit as well as the accouterments. The top is structured for a flattering fit and has a wide, charming neckline. Polished off with a pair of gauntlets, boot covers, and the gorgeous Mera crown. Pair this costume with a red wig and you'll feel right at home ruling the seas!

Love adventure? You'll love exploring your options when it comes to Aquaman costumes. This sea-faring superhero is ready to join the rest of the Marvel superheroes. And while we'll always think flying through the air and super strength is pretty cool, free reign of the oceans seems irresistible to us landlubbers. Slip into your scales and ramp up your superpowers with these awesome Aquaman costumes.