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Addams Family Costumes

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Whether your kiddo is obsessed with the animated movies, you can’t get the 90s films off your mind, or you’ve both been dying over the original show, our Addams Family costumes are the all-ages looks for you and yours. Reminisce over the retro tv series as Fester. Delight in the gothic style Morticia slayed in the 90s. Or giggle with your child dressed in a Cousin Itt costume. Ooky, kooky, and a little bit spooky, these costumes have it all!
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Products 1 - 8 of 8

There’s a balance you always try to achieve when it comes to Halloween. You’ve always believed things should be a bit scary—you want there to be an eeriness in the air and surrounding your Halloween costume. But you don’t want to terrify children, especially any in your family. You want kids to have fun with, not nightmares from, the creepy characters. So, you always find yourself hunting for the perfect blend of spooky and kid-friendly.  

It’s time to conclude the hunt—at least, for your next costume—the Addams Family is your answer! All you need to know about the odd bunch is in their theme song—and unless you’ve been living under a rock your entire life, you at least know the snaps part of that earworm. Want some advice on how to utilize each character for your Halloween? Read on to see how the Addams fit within any Halloween celebration!  

First and foremost, the Addams are creepy and kooky. Perfect attributes for a Halloween-y family. You won’t walk into any Addams’ room and find puppies and rainbows—unless the puppy is maybe a hyena cub and the rainbow just shades of grey. But dark colors and an uneasy aura are what Halloween is all about, so you’re covered there! Meanwhile, that hyena cub and mystifying grey rainbow are about as kooky as it can get—nothing should be totally normal on Halloween. Kings of the creepy and kooky are Fester, Pugsley, and even Lurch. Choose the schoolboy wardrobe for your sweet, but goofy, kiddo, Fester’s duster jacket costume, or Lurch’s suit costume for yourself, and you’re good to go!  

As far as mysterious and spooky go, you can’t go wrong with Morticia, Gomez, or Wednesday. Morticia is a Halloween queen with her full black gowns, long black hair, and smokey eyes. Meanwhile, Wednesday’s dark and brooding appearance is doing the most to one day dethrone her mother. In their gothic ensembles, they make a shadowy pair, but as mother and daughter, they’re perfect for your own parent-child Halloween look! Or, if you’re coupling up this Halloween, Morticia and Gomez are a romance for horror novels. Choose the Gomez costume and Morticia dress that get the couple looking ready for anything from a flashy funeral to a costume contest.  

Whether you’re looking for a group costume the entire family can be a part of or a solo look that is as classic as they come, our Addams Family looks have you covered! Full of family-oriented lessons and Halloween-centric scares, the Addams Family has been providing everyone a dark humor laugh track for decades. So, pick your favorite Addams costume and know you’re set for a Halloween that’s just ooky enough to work!