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Products 1 - 19 of 19

If you were a fan of playing dress up as a child then chances are that Halloween is your favorite holiday as an adult. One whole day devoted to transforming into anything your mind conjures up is not only fun but it's a great way to celebrate whether you're hanging out with your children or attending a Halloween bash. No matter what style you identify with, we have a costume to suit your fashion wants and needs. If the chilly autumn air is blowing and your evening plans involve being outside, then a warm Viking or Renaissance themed costume are both viable options. They both feature sot-to-touch fabric and faux fur lined accents to easily protect from cold conditions. Character kigurumi and pajama costumes are also perfect for this because they're made from fleece and they're also baggy enough so layering warm clothes underneath is possible. 

If your a West Coast lady currently dealing with the opposite problem, then you don't have to worry because there are plenty of more revealing costume options so you beat the heat. A great deal of our women's Halloween costumes expose the arms and legs. It's particularly perfect if your style can best be described as 'sexy.' Be sure to check out the Grecian costumes for women. These ladies costumes feature silky fabrics with special details and lots of draped fabric. Sparkly accents on the toga-style dresses add a flashy touch. Flapper costumes are similar. They have a short hemline to put your lean legs on full display. The twinkling sequins are also an eye-catching feature on these costumes. Our nurse and kitty costumes fall into this seductive category. 

You'll also find plenty of pop culture related costumes for women. Have you been a devoted Disney fan since childhood? If so, then our Jasmine costume featuring harem pants and a crop top is a perfect choice for Aladdin fans. Belle costumes are also a wise choice because the iconic yellow ball gown is beautiful and perfect for those wanting a classic Disney princess look. If these costumes appease your sense of style and it supplies an instantly recognizable look that's desired then our female superhero costumes will provide an action-packed Halloween evening. A large majority of these costumes are officially licensed, feature spandex, and come with detachable capes. Have your best friend dress in a women's supervillain costume (also found in this category) as a sinister and devious bad guy then head out together to show off the interesting friend costume idea. 

In this category, you'll also find plenty of accessories, makeup, and costume tees. Use a combination of these to create your very own unique costume or make use of them if you're in a pinch. For example, pick up a black wig, blood makeup, and fangs to create a vampire costume.                    

No matter what costume you choose, scary or pretty, warm or sexy, simple or extravagant we'd love for you to leave a review. Even better attach a photo with it so we can see the end result!