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Going on a trip? Just want people to look for you when you're in a crowd? Well then, it's time to dress up in one of our Where's Waldo Costumes based on the classic character from the Martin Handford books. With costumes for kids, adults, and even the dog, there’s a Where’s Waldo character option for you and all the intrepid travelers out there!
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Men's Where's Waldo Classic Waldo Costume
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Women's Wenda Costume
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Where's Wally Costume
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Child Classic Where's Waldo Costume
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Where's Waldo Adult Costume
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Where's Waldo Deluxe Adult Costume
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Adult Where's Waldo Wenda Costume
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Vintage Black Glasses
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Walking Crook Accessory
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Products 1 - 16 of 16

In 1987, English illustrator Martin Handford, introduced Wally to the world in his first Where’s Wally? The puzzle book intended for children became popular around the globe and with people of all ages. Wally’s popularity spawned multiple publications with different names for Wally in certain regions, like Waldo here in the United States. Cartoon series, comic books, and video games breathed further life into Waldo and the ragtag group of characters that joined him on his adventures. And now, you can too with your very own Where’s Waldo Costume!

Waldo may be the namesake of the books, but don’t forget about Woof, Wenda, Wilma, Odlaw, and Wizard Whitebeard! Without the accompanying cast of characters, Waldo’s wandering through the world wouldn’t have had the same charm or urgency. Wizard Whitebeard was responsible for sending Waldo on some of his wild journeys. Wenda and Wilma, identical twin sisters, were Waldo’s friends that helped him escape Odlaw and see the wider world (and universe). Waldo’s arch-nemesis is Odlaw is always out to steal Waldo’s magic walking stick so that he can carry out his dastardly plans. Then there’s Woof, Waldo’s dog and constant travel companion that may have some magic of his own (like all dogs). With such a variety of characters, and stories, Where’s Waldo costumes are great for group looks and solo adventures alike!

Start with Waldo’s signature red and white striped ensemble—it’s so classic that all his friends wear it too! Make sure you have your pom-pom beanie and circular-framed glasses, or you’ll wind up looking like a rugby player on their day off. Get yourself ready to go on a journey through time, space, or anywhere else Waldo explored with the rest of his accessories too! A magic walking stick and satchel make sure you’re ready to navigate your way through huge crowds while carrying all your travel necessities. Grab a blue skirt to bring Wilma or Wenda to life and a cozy puppy vest for your pooch if Woof wants to come along too! Keep things interesting by inviting Odlaw along for the fun. Instead of red and white, make sure you’ve got the yellow and black stripes, beanie, and glasses that the villain prefers.

Whether you’ve loved Waldo since childhood or you’re sharing the fun with a new generation, you’ll find a Where’s Waldo costume that’s ready to bring the excitement of each scene and adventure straight off the page! Stand out from the crowd when you take the kids trick-or-treating or blend right in while you evade another visit from Odlaw. No matter where or why you plan to dress as Waldo or his friends, you’ll find costumes designed for every size from toddler to plus, so there’s something for everyone with a case of wanderlust!