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Whoa! You found him! Tons of people have been searching for him for years, but you did it in an instant! Share your love of Where's Waldo with your friends by getting one of these Where's Waldo gifts. We carry books, apparel, costumes, collectibles and more based on the Martin Handford book series. They're easy to find, because they're all right here!
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4 Pc Boys Where’s Waldo Sleep Set
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Where’s Waldo - Toys 3000 PC Puzzle
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Where's Waldo Fun Box
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Where's Wally Costume
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Men's Where's Waldo Classic Waldo Costume
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Women's Wenda Costume
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Walking Crook Accessory
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Where's Waldo Adult Costume
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Child Classic Where's Waldo Costume
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Where's Waldo Deluxe Adult Costume
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Where's Waldo Striped Socks
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Adult Deluxe Waldo Glasses
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Products 1 - 23 of 23

Are you looking for the perfect present? Have you searched everywhere? You swear that you've basically looked right at what would be right several times, but... something is wrong. Maybe the size isn't quite right. Perhaps the coloring is off. Maybe it's actually a giant Christmas tree that you're staring at when you're actually just looking for the perfect pooch costume. 

Well, we know how you feel. In fact, millions of folks over the world can completely relate. And, it is all thanks to a guy named Wally. 

You probably know him better by his American name: Waldo. 

See, in the late '80s, a cartoonist in Britain invented a smiling figure that would be recognizable for kids everywhere. Who knew that it would evolve into several books of increasing difficulty, spawn numerous other characters, and even turn into a pretty awesome animated cartoon!? We bet that Martin Handford had no idea what he had created when he was staring it straight in the face. And, of course, that's the magic of Waldo!

Initially, they were puzzle books. Waldo was about a centimeter tall in his iconic hat and white and red clothes. He was surrounded by about 250 detailed characters in all sorts of unique settings. But, soon, "Wally" would get shorter and more difficult to notice, surrounded by as many as 600 other folks in everywhere from crowded malls to mysterious and magical domains. Before long, the rest of the world also wanted to find him. He was renamed to Waldo in the U.S. and given a nefarious villain who wore an opposing color scheme. (Appropriately, his name is Odlaw—even in other countries where his name is still Wally.)

Several other folks would populate his landscape. We'd have his adorable pupper, Woof (who always managed to hide everything but his tail for years). The twins Wenda and Wilma showed up as well. And, of course, Wizard Whitebeard was a popular character. This is the guy who ended up giving Waldo a magical cane that allowed him to transport across time and space to visit all sorts of unique places. (And, of course, Odlaw wants to get his wicked hands on that!) 

Well, you won't need to struggle any longer to find Waldo and Woof. And you can help your friends figure out where to look, too! Take a look at our Where's Waldo Gifts and you'll find a variety of cute collectibles and red-and-white-themed trinkets to make all your friends grin and exclaim, "There's Waldo!" 

Try your own artistry with a coloring book. Solve the classic puzzles in his variety of fantastic journeys. Gear up just like Waldo with shirts, glasses, hats, and even his mystical walking cane! You can even go the extra mile and dress up as any of the classic characters (and don't forget that pet costume to bring your four-legged friend along for the fun).

Once you solve the problem of finding the perfect Where's Waldo presents, you'll be able to start on the next mystery. Where in the world is that other wonder who loves to wear red!?