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Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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What's the best way of celebrating the holidays? In an ugly Christmas sweater of course! Whether plans include a festive family gathering or a rowdy celebration with lots of eggnog and friends, we have ugly Christmas sweaters for every occasion. Featuring loud prints, striking images and phrases, and even flashing lights, every Christmas sweater you'll find in this category definitely makes a statement and an impression!
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa... whichever holiday you celebrate there is one thing we can all agree on: these winter holidays mark that magical and wonderful time of year where everyone comes together to celebrate the birth of... the ugly Christmas sweater.

Where would we be without these ingenious (and gaudy) conversation pieces? We'd all have a more quiet, less-humorous holiday season, that's for sure. Can you imagine being with the extended family for a week without an ugly sweater? We can't. Funny Christmas sweaters are just that important. We have a variety ranging from the hilarious to the hilariously offensive and we're sure you're going to find something you can't wait to wear. Choose from our mens Christmas sweaters to brighten up everyone's holiday. Or you can give the gift of laughter this year with the ugliest Christmas sweater for women!

Football fans who never miss a game (even on Christmas) will go crazy for our wide selection of officially licensed NFL sweaters. Each one features the team's logo, team's colors, and a knitted-in wintry design. A handful of these NFL Christmas sweaters for men can even light-up because tiny LED lights are stitched right into the garment. With a simple flick of a switch, the LED lights turn on. We even have NFL sweaters that have Bluetooth capability so you can have your favorite team's fight song playing while cheering for a touchdown. Don't forget we have tons of NFL men's and women's sweaters so you and your significant other can coordinate on game day! 

Also, we have a ton of Made By Us ugly Christmas sweaters which means, you guessed it, they're designed and created right here, by the team. They're all high-quality and we have sizes for the whole family so you can coordinate a look and create the cutest Christmas card photo the world has ever seen. We have many officially licensed Labyrinth sweaters featuring trendy hi-lo designs and knitted-in images of your favorite characters like The Goblin King and Ludo. On the other hand, wrestling fans won't be able to contain themselves when they see our line of officially licensed WWE Christmas sweaters featuring bright colors and knitted-in images of your favorite wrestlers like Macho Man, Warrior, and The Undertaker. We also have children's sizes so dads and kids can match. (Aw, how cute!)

Finally, don't forget to check out all of our Christmas sweaters designed by the popular holiday brand, Tipsy Elves. They feature gaudy garland, eye-catching sparkles, and funny Santa-related images. If you're looking to make a bold statement at the next Christmas party, then don't forget to check out these sweaters for both men and women. They'll definitely get lots of laughs!

We sure know how to have fun, after all, we're! We've compiled this huge selection of sweaters to make sure you find just what you need from 3-D Christmas sweaters to ones that light up! Choose from our selection and you'll be sure to win Best Ugly Christmas Sweater at any holiday party. Or even find a style for your whole family and pose for the perfect Christmas card. Everyone will love receiving your card in the mail and seeing your family in matching funny Christmas sweaters!

No matter what ugly Christmas sweater you choose, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. We also want to hear about how much you enjoyed wearing the sweater you picked! Leave a review on the product or attach a picture of yourself wearing it.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Break out grandma’s fruit cake and the classic Yule log because Christmas is right around the corner. That means you’ll attend a lot of celebrations! There’s a company holiday party, caroling get-togethers with friends, and of course you can’t forget Aunt Tilly’s annual white elephant gift exchange. With the upcoming holiday season approaching, it’s a good idea to stock up on two things: gifts for loved ones and Christmas-themed apparel. Luckily, you can get both on! In fact, our ugly Christmas sweaters double as excellent presents for friends and family and they also make a great early Christmas gift for you. Pick up one, two, or maybe a handful of different sweaters so you can wear something new to each impending party.

We sell tacky Christmas sweaters to amuse people of all ages, with all kinds of style preferences. Natural entertainers will be enthralled with our funny Christmas sweaters. Nothing says ‘happy holidays’ like a sweater featuring a knitted image of Santa Claus battling a Grizzly Bear! Browse over our favorite picks until you find the sweater that makes you feel merry and bright this Yuletide season.

Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Now that you’ve picked out an ugly Xmas sweater that’s either silly, nerdy, cute, or a combination of all those things, it’s time to document all the inevitable fun you’ll have. Once all your friends and/or family are decked out in tacky Christmas sweaters, try using some accessories to make your ensemble even more “extra.” Also, copy our poses to recreate our pictures, copy the location, copy everything if you’d like. We don’t mind. It’s kinda sorta what we’re here for!

Family Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Batman Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Jingle bells, Batman smells! Ugh, that little Christmas ditty is so much fun to sing. If your child can’t get enough of this silly song, then our exclusive and officially licensed Batman ugly Christmas sweaters are perfect for your family. You can never go wrong by dressing up as the unexpected yet popular DC Comics duo, Harley Quinn and the Dark Knight. Show up to your buddy’s ugly sweater party with all your best friends wearing our Flash ugly Christmas sweaters. Whether the shindig’s at a mountain chalet or even a locale much more metropolitan, everyone is sure to acknowledge that DC Comics is an unconventional but awesome Christmas theme. We have ugly Christmas sweaters designed for men and women so everyone can take part in this heroic feat.

Labyrinth Christmas Sweater

Labyrinth Ugly Sweaters

What’s one way to guarantee you’ll be the life of the party this Yuletide season? Wear this Labyrinth ugly sweater, of course. As you can see, there’s nothing ugly about this 80s themed sweater. It’s bright, unique, and features David Bowie with a magnificent blonde mullet. On the back, an image of baby Toby holding a crystal is visible. Barge into the party singing “Magic Dance” and you’ll be the topic of everyone’s conversation throughout the night, no matter how amazing the tater tot hot dish tastes.

ALF Ugly Sweater

ALF Ugly Sweater

While most people will be wearing elves on their holiday sweater, you’ll be wearing the ALF. This officially licensed ALF ugly sweater is great for fans of 80s pop culture. If you look closely, images of cats and phones are visible around the collar! It’s perfect to wear when you’re snuggled up watching TV on your couch with a cup of hot cocoa, or just wear it whenever you want to party like a Malmackian. If you really want to impress your guests, wear this sweater over our ALF costume.

Wonder Woman Christmas Sweaters

Wonder Woman Ugly Christmas Sweaters

This holiday season infuse girl power into every Christmas themed festivity. You can celebrate being a strong, independent woman and commemorate (perhaps) the best holiday of all time simultaneously by wearing our exclusive line of Wonder Woman ugly Christmas sweaters. Each one is unique, trendy, and features the iconic “WW” logo. Show up with your squad to the next Christmas shindig all wearing one of these sweaters to make a statement on unity and sisterhood. Better yet, throw an all-girl holiday party and invite your besties. Add Wonder Woman accessories to your outfits for a more powerful appearance.

Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters

It’s time to become a Christmas party legend! You don’t become legendary by bringing stocking-shaped sugar cookies to a party (even though everyone would be very grateful). Holiday party greatness can be achieved by simply wearing any of our funny ugly Christmas sweaters. Everyone will want to talk to the guy (or gal) sporting a Rick and Morty ugly Christmas sweater! We sell a variety of women’s funny Christmas sweaters so ladies can make party guests chuckle, too. Take a peek at some of our favorite picks before you choose one for yourself!

Funny Ugly Sweaters

Funny Ugly Sweaters

Forget cracking jokes, that’s too much work, just wear a funny sweater instead. It’s the best way to make a humorous statement without saying anything at all. All of the funny ugly sweaters that you see right here are some of the most popular options to wear to a holiday party. Images of cartoon cookies and KO’d sharks are not exactly typical Christmas figures but maybe they should be. We’re a little tired of seeing decorated trees and wrapped presents and maybe everyone else is too. Whether you plan on giving one as a gift or you’re going to wear one yourself, it will definitely bring the Christmas cheer.

Rick and Morty Christmas Sweater

Rick and Morty Ugly Christmas Sweater

There’s no better way to celebrate “a happy human holiday” (perhaps the happiest of them all) than by wearing this eccentric Rick and Morty ugly Christmas sweater. This sweater has a lot going on so don’t be surprised if others stop to examine it. It features the titular characters on front and an image of a detonated Santa on back. (Sorry, St. Nick.) After gulping down a few glasses of eggnog, you’ll love screaming out a hardy, “wubba lubba dub dub!”

Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater

Star Wars Christmas Sweater

Imagine how cute BB-8 would look dressed up as a mini Christmas tree. Our hearts burst with happiness at the thought! We can’t give you a droid dressed as a Douglas fir but we can wrap you in a BB-8 holiday sweater. This Star Wars Christmas sweater features Resistance symbols in 8-bit form as well as an image of BB-8 on the front and back. We recommend wearing it to the office holiday party while making chirpy little “beep boop” noises. It’s a surefire way to amuse your co-workers!

Ugly Sweater Ideas

Still haven’t locked down your ugly sweater choice yet? Don’t sweat it! We have more ugly Christmas sweater ideas to check out. Any of these funny Christmas sweaters can be nestled under your tree as a present for a loved one, or get one for yourself for all your impending festivities. All these sweaters are unconventional, pop-culture related, and will become the hit topic of conversation at any holiday themed party. Is it possible that you’ll become more popular than the big jolly guy in the red suit? We can’t say for sure, but we believe Christmas miracles can happen.

Krampus Sweater

Krampus Sweater

It’s the perfect ugly Xmas sweater for those who have showed up on the naughty list year after year. Don’t worry troublemakers, we have Christmas-themed apparel for you, too. This Krampus sweater is a great option for all you mischief-makers out there because the biggest holiday heel of all time is featured on front. Wiggling his long (and insanely creepy) tongue, Krampus looks menacing but in the coolest way possible. Dare to be even bolder? Accessorize this look with a Krampus mask.

Hanukkah Ugly Sweater

Hanukkah Ugly Sweater

Spin the dreidel, cause ‘tis the season to get “turnt!” Make the most out of Hanukkah by sporting our exclusive apparel which features a burning menorah, stitched images of the Star of David, and the slang-word-of-the-moment, “lit.” (We don’t get it either but all the kids are saying it.) This is a unisex sweater so both men and women can wear it while they sit down with their family to eat some delicious latkes. It’s also the perfect Hanukkah ugly sweater to wear to any holiday party and gives you the chance to teach others some facts about your religion.

3D Ugly Christmas Sweaters

3D Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Want to make an eye-popping first impression on your blind date this holiday season? You’ll find hard to forget apparel when you check out our selection of 3D ugly Christmas sweaters. They’re off-the-wall and that’s a good thing really. The stocking sweater is actually functional. Fill up the stocking with goodies for everyone to add your own personal touch. Your date will think: wow this guy/girl is fearless with their fashion choices and they’re down with the holiday season. This is a really cool person! Just warning you, these joyful sweaters have been known to make Santa’s elves jealous. (Hint to Santa: get your elf appreciation gifts right here.)