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We know you've been searching for the perfect Spider-Man toys. Well, we're here to help you out! From play sets to web shooters, we've got you covered. Search below to find the best Spider-Man gifts for kids.
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The iconic Spider-Man along with his friends and foes are encapsulated here in toy form! He's been battling numerous villains for years in the pages of comics, and the movies of the last decade have brought his popularity to all new heights! Most recently, movies like Spider-Man: Far From Home, where our friend Spidey (Tom Holland) teams up with Nick Fury and goes off to fight the evil Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal. 

Whether you're looking to recreate any of his classic action scenes, looking for a gift for the children in your life, or are just adding to your killer collection of action figures we have the Spider-Man toy that is right for you! 

Spider-Man Toys for Kids

If you're shopping for a child who can't get enough of Spidey's web-slinging action, Spider-Man toys are sure to be at the top of their toy wish list. And we can help you out—because we have all of the season's hot toys! Spider-Man action figures and playsets are sure to be on your kiddo's list, and you'll find plenty of them for sale right here. We know it can be challenging to pick out the right toys for children, so we want to make sure you have all the info before you make your purchase. To give you a helping hand, we've highlighted a few of our most popular Spidey figures and sets right here. Just keep on reading to learn more about the top Spider-Man toys for kids!

Spider-Man has a huge pop culture presence right now, so it shouldn't be much of a surprise that he's the top superhero for most kids. And that means they're going to want toys that feature their favorite hero in action! We have great choices for playtime and roleplaying fun, from Spider-Man car toys to action figures to amazing Lego Spider-Man sets. Check out these top-selling Spider-Man toy ideas to see if any of them are just what you're shopping for!

Spider-Man Car Toys

Spiderman Remote Control Car

Among all toy choices, it's usually a safe bet that boys love to play with car toys the most. So, it's safe to say an amazing toy vehicle that features Spider-Man is going to have them playing for hours on end! We have R/C cars like the Spider-Man Dodge Daytona Monster Car, pictured here, that any kid would love wheeling around. It features a slick Spidey-themed paint job, and of course, monster truck tires for off-road action!

Miles Morales Action Figure

Miles Morales Action Figure

Action figures are the iconic toy choice that have been entertaining children for decades. So, with Spider-Man's popularity, you can be sure your kiddo's going to want to have the latest Spider-Man figures for playtime. The Marvel Legends Spider-Man Miles Morales Figure, shown here, is one of the latest and greatest Spider-Man toys. Featuring interchangeable pieces, it will have your kiddo ready to roleplay amazing Spidey adventures!

LEGO Spider-Man Sets

LEGO Marvel Spiderman Toy Sets

LEGO has offered Spider-Man toys since 2002 with sets based on the character's popular movies, cartoons, and comics. We proudly sell the Spider-Man Lego toys kids want most, with playsets from the latest Marvel movies and sets inspired by the Ultimate Spider-Man TV series. The Spider-Man at the Sanctum Workshop playset seen here comes straight from the Spider-Man: No Way Home film and features action-packed pieces that will let kids recreate their favorite movie moments!

Spider-Man Helicopter Toys

Spider-Man Helicopter Toy

One of the best Spider-Man toys for recreating Spidey's high-flying moves at home is a Spider-Man helicopter toy! We offer several helicopter toys to suit your kiddo's needs. We have radio-controlled flying action figures, cool helicopter vehicle playsets, and Spider-Man copter launcher toys that little boys and girls are sure to love. Be sure to check out all of these ideas if you're shopping for a child who's a Spider-Man super fan!

Spider-Man Plush Toys

Spiderman Plush Toy

No doubt about it, a Spider-Man plushie is the best way to start your baby or toddler's Spidey fandom. We sell lots of Spider-Man plush toys that are perfectly huggable toys for little ones. And they're so cute, older fans like to buy them too! This Spider-Man Pillow Pal features the character's classic styling and measures 27" tall, making it the perfect plush pal to snuggle up with.

Spider-Man Trace-E Spider Bot

Spider-Man Spider Bot

The Spider-Man Trace-E Bot is a new toy from the popular Spidey and his Amazing Friends Disney Junior series. And it offers exciting interactive play thanks to its Speak and Go action. If your toddler claps or speaks, the toy responds with bot noises, flashing eyes, and crawling and spinning action, just like the character on the show! Recommended for ages 3 and up, it's an engaging robot toy for any toddler or preschooler.

Spider-Man Duplo Set

LEGO Duplo Spiderman

Duplo toys from Lego are the top building toy for toddlers aged 2 and up, thanks to the sets' intuitive designs and larger pieces. With lots of themes available, you can be sure that a character as popular as Spider-Man will be featured in Duplo sets. And we have a great choice with this Duplo Spider-Man Headquarters Set! Featuring the characters from the Spidey and his Amazing Friends series and lots of play options, this set is an excellent gift for little ones.

Spider-Man Web Slinger Toys

Spider-Man Web Slinger Toys

One of Spider-Man's most amazing abilities is undoubtedly his web-slinging ability. Little kids just love running around while flipping their wrists to emulate the "thwip thwip" of Spider-Man's shooting webs. Well, with one of our web slingers, your child can sling a web right out of a toy on their wrist! This Spidey and His Amazing Friends Web Slinger is perfect for kids aged 3 and up, and we also have a Marvel Stretch Shot Web-Blaster that's great for kids a little bit older!