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Whether it’s time to treat yo’ self or the Parks and Rec enthusiast in your life, we’re here to get you started! Discover the Parks and Rec gifts your poetic and noble land-mermaid of a bestie needs for their new office. Surprise your always serious pal with Ron Swanson gifts that truly speak their language: silence. Or become your favorite public official with a Leslie Knope costume that perfectly captures the iconic character!
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Ron Swanson Parks and Rec Costume
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Sale - 13% Exclusive
Parks and Recreation Leslie Knope Costume
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Ron Swanson Plus Size Parks and Recreation Costume
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Sale - 11% Exclusive
Products 1 - 4 of 4

Ron Swanson may believe birthdays were invented to sell cards, but we disagree. They’re great for all sorts of gifts, especially those that make the receiver give a genuine grin! Our selection of Parks and Rec merch will do just that! And not only for birthdays. Discover the officially licensed Parks and Rec gifts for you and your equally obsessed friends’ Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Halloween, or Leif Erikson’s Day celebration!

Not sure which gift from our selection is right for the occasion? Continue reading for a few of our ideas on whether Leslie Knope gifts or a Janet Snakehole costume would be a better Galentine’s Day gift and if a Ron Swanson costume is an okay choice for boss’ appreciation day (it is).

If you’re shopping for yourself, you probably know best how to treat yo’ self to some unique finds. You don’t need to ask if Leslie dressed as Rosie the Riveter is the right POP to add to your Funko collection. You just add her. Whether she was the exact version of Knope you were looking for or not, she’s sure to make you feel like the glorious female warrior you know you are!

However, when you’re shopping for a friend, you may need a bit of guidance. Maybe you know them like the glorious tropical fish they are and are beyond confident a Parks and Recreation puzzle is the right choice. But we have a few tricks to decide for sure which gift is right.

Does your loved one hate only skim milk more than lying? Then a Ron Swanson vinyl figure would be a perfect addition to their office or home décor. Maybe they have a secret musical profession? You know Duke Silver can’t wait to be their tour guide on a voyage to jazz. Though, hunter Ron may be just the thing to get them feeling in touch with nature while stuck at the office.

Celebrating a couple of love birds in love? Give those goofy goo-goo-eyed fools a duo to look up to with any of our Andy and April gifts. With our available costumes, they’ll be ready for merry mischief-making and whatever playful shenanigan they can imagine. Meanwhile, POP figures that capture Andy and April’s shining personalities are sure to make the happy couple even happier!

Whether you love simple things like Ron Swanson, have a friend that’s as dopey and big-hearted as Andy, have a “holiday” for every tiny first that ever happens like Leslie, or enjoy keeping it real spooky year-round like April, this selection is for you!

Can’t find a collectible, decoration, or merch that doesn’t feel as pointless as a calzone? Keep your Leslie optimism up, and check back again to see what new pieces we add to our selection! Because just like Ms. Knope, we care. We care a lot. And we’re always looking for something exciting to share with our customers!