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Maleficent Dragon Q Fig Max Elite
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Jim Shore Aurora Maleficent Statue
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Maleficent Zippermouth Plush
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Disney Villains Character Tile Backpack
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Maleficent Sculpted Ceramic Mug
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Maleficent Handmade by Robots Vinyl Figure
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Maleficents Headpiece update
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Maleficent Staff
Maleficent Headband and Collar Set
Made By Us
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Women's Plus Size Malicious Queen Costume
Made By Us
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Maleficent Dog Costume
Womens Malicious Queen Costume
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Maleficent Stuffed Headpiece
Made By Us
Sale - 15%
Products 1 - 43 of 43

First of all, we'd like to say that we're proud Maleficent devotees, ride-or-die's, and uber-fans. (Although we're not Sleeping Beauty haters either. Aurora isn't as fierce so the same connection and level of empathy just isn't there for her; sorry, not sorry.) Despite being deceived, mocked and bullied by an entire kingdom, the Mistress of Evil handled herself with ferocity and grace (for the most part.) Not to mention, she was betrayed and humiliated by a man who made a promise to her. Prince? Please. He was a backstabber and a coward and certainly not our Prince so we applaud Maleficient's ability to stand up for herself and ultimately be the bigger person. You go, girl! No supposed Prince is worth your tears, plus he needs a lesson or two in compassion and humility before he's fit for any throne.  

Anyway, we could endlessly praise Maleficent's bravery and class but chances are, if you're checking out this category, you're already big fans so emphasizing how awesome she is isn't necessary. Instead, we'll focus on all the wickedly wonderful Maleficent gifts in this category. Treat yourself with one or purchase something for a friend because we have Maleficent-themed apparel, figurines and trinkets too.

First, we'd like to note FUN's selection of Maleficent Pop vinyl figures and Rock Candy collectibles. Featuring bright colors and expressive faces, these figures look adorable on desks, mantles and shelves. It's a great way to advertise your adoration for the best Disney villain in cinematic history. The collectible figurine from Rock Candy depicts Maleficent's gorgeous green glow. (How many women would look as flawless with Maleficent green skin? Not many. She's really one of a kind.) Plus, this figure also portrays her iconic eyebrows. Perfectly arched, shaped and defined, Maleficent's brows are the definition of 'on fleek.'

Maleficent fangirls who cosplay as a hobby will be pleased to see our wide selection of officially licensed costumes, accessories and props. Head to the next convention dressed as The Mistress of All Evil by wearing any one of the officially licensed adult or tween costumes. We have disguises to depict the cartoon version of Maleficent and the Maleficent from the live-action movie (AKA Angelina Jolie.) We have a plush horned headpiece if you value comfort over all else or deluxe horns if intimidation is a top concern. Either way, you'll slay. Plus, don't forget to carry an iconic staff! We have a couple different ones for you to chose from; one even glows!

Whether you're buying a Maleficent gift for yourself, a friend or family member, we have spellbinding Maleficent merchandise to enchant you and those you love. Please leave a review on whatever product you buy so we can hear all about how much you like it. Take a picture with your new vinyl figure or wearing a costume so we can see. Is there something you want that we don't have? Let us know that too! We always want to supply you with the coolest, must-have products available.