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If you can't decide between being super smart or super strong, there's only one character for you! And, if you're particularly good at the job, you might even get both at the same time. It's time to flex both your brain and your brawny muscles with the bright choice to gear up with some of our Incredible Hulk costumes.¬
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Products 1 - 11 of 11

By now, everyone has heard of the Incredible Hulk. The Big Guy. The Angry Green Giant. (Because the Jolly one is all about vegetables.) The question is which version of the Hulk really tickles your fancy, though. There have been several transformations of Bruce Banner that go well outside just the standard "you won't like me when I'm angry" form!

Now, there's a good chance that you might know of the Hulk thanks to the epic series of films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In that case, you probably recognize Hulk in his rather suave and nerdy-cute Mark Ruffalo persona. But, there is a rather 'we don't talk about that' version of Hulk that showed up first, portrayed by Edward Norton. This origin story has Bruce Banner as a pretty clever guy who has been tricked into rebooting a certain super soldier serum when things don't go as intended. All of a sudden, Bruce gets peeved and turns into the Hulk and his entire life begins to go downhill incredibly fast! 

It would take a really long time for Bruce to manage to wrest control of his mind from the Hulk and learn how to control a beast that just keeps getting tougher and stronger and more resilient with every punch he takes. (Heck, the estimations say that Hulk's size and strength are basically incalculable, able to rise to a near-infinite proportion! Keeping that in check is pretty tough!)

Of course, the Hulk's history is even more immense than he can grow. He's got a huge comic background, too, and everything gets way more complicated there! Originally, Banner's transformation was more like a curse. He'd automatically become the Hulk at night and return to his scientist-self during the day. It was a very Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde kind of scenario that Bruce was pretty reasonably afraid of! 

Fortunately, both versions of the Hulk would eventually manage to learn to keep things under wraps. Bruce would tell the rest of the Avengers that his secret to controlling the Hulk was the fact that he was always angry. And, who can blame him? Unlike Captain America and Iron Man, Bruce didn't seek out any of the power that he'd acquire... and he certainly wasn't a fan of how "Hulk Smash" would bring down way more than just buildings. (It's pretty tough to keep a girlfriend like Betty Ross when a moment of growly excitement would cause a guy to tear the roof off the place!) 

Now that we've gotten through all that background, we can finally point you to some of our Incredible Hulk costumes. You can enjoy the transformation into the Hulk without all of the dangerous gamma radiation or the risk that you're going to lose your head in the process. Speaking of keeping hold of your head, we've got gloves and masks for those who want a partial transformation or you can go for complete costumes for yourself, your kiddos, or even make a couples costume for a pair of Incredible Hulks!