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Ladies, Greasers, and dropouts, oh my! Get the whole Grease gang back together with one of our Grease Costumes in sizes for the whole family. You'll find everything from leather jackets and cardigans to poodle skirts and bodysuits to perfect your classic Grease look. Pair with any of our Grease accessories to fully transform into any of the famous teens!
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Womens Grease Rydell High Cheerleader Costume
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Grease Rydell High Cheerleader Costume
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Grease Rydell High Cheerleader Plus Size Women's Costume
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Grease Rydell High Toddler's Cheerleader Costume
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Good Sandy Wig
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Products 1 - 5 of 5

You know it. Your friends know it. Everyone knows it! Grease is the word!

Really, the only thing we aren't sure about is what that exactly means. Are we talking about teenage rebellion? Is that the time? The place? The motion? That's a tough one to answer. Whether you're diving into the stageplay, the epic hit movie, or even the sequel, trying to put a thumb down on the one thing that makes Grease such perfection is quite the ordeal. (You might as well be Danny trying his hand at all the various sports available at Rydell High!) 

Fortunately, there are better ways to get in touch with Grease that won't require all of that confounding effort. All you need to do is take a look at our wide variety of Grease costumes. We have looks designed in our own in-house studios that will bring your favorite characters to life or even let you create your own Rydell wonder to jam alongside the crew. 

Start off with some Danny Zuko costume options. As a character basically leading a double-life, you have a ton of different looks with this part-time greaser. Naturally, you'll want to go with the iconic T-Birds jacket. This is what shows he's part of the T-Birds crew, alongside Kenickie, Doody, and Putzie. But, when it is time to show the world just how much Sandy means to you, it's time to get serious. Gear up for some Rydell High sports. Make sure your letterman sweater fits or aim for first place when you're joining the track team. It'll take a lot to win Sandy's heart, but with our Danny costumes, you can do it! 

Speaking of Sandy, which version is right for you? Sandy has her sweet and innocent look, fully expecting Danny to be the same boy she met back home. That doesn't always work out, though. Is it a good thing that she's got the Pink Ladies ready to help her out? There's definitely something to be said about letting your naughty side out with a Bad Sandy costume. 

Don't think we have forgotten about the other feature characters, though. We have costume and accessory options that will let you become Rizzo, Frenchy, Jan, and the rest of the Pink Ladies. You can also make sure that car is genuine Grease Lightning by becoming the new leader of the T-Birds, too. (And, if all that fails, you can always head off to beauty school with those costumes.) 

Pick out your favorite look and pair it with our Grease wigs. You know how long these kids must have spent making sure their hair looked perfect. (And we saw what happened to Frenchy when she tried it on her own!) Combine a wig with your favorite Grease costume and you'll be leaping back into the swell 50s. Practice your favorite songs and get the rest of the crew together. (Unfortunately, we do not have any flying cars, so you'll have to figure out how to conclude the night on your own!) 

Grease Halloween Costumes

It is one of the most beloved, classic films in our collective history. Not only does it star some of our favorite actors, but it has all the elements that we need for a great movie! Awesome music that sticks in our minds for years to come? Check! Dance moves that are fun to replicate whether at your own school dance or kicking it up at a wedding? You bet! Amazing looks that are perfect for any costume event, film sequels, and a TV series to boot?

Grease Costume

That's right. Grease is the word, folks! Slick back your hair, put on those dancing shoes, and get ready to hand-jive your way to a blast from the past with our collection of Grease Halloween Costumes. Iconic, nostalgic, and timeless in their appeal, these costumes encapsulate the 1950s high school charm that Grease so beautifully portrayed.

Whether you're more of a rule-breaker like Danny, a bright gal from Down Under like Sandy, or prefer the camaraderie of the Pink Ladies and the T-Birds, there's something in this collection for you.

Bad Sandy Costumes

Bad Sandy Costume

Show your rebellious side with our Bad Sandy Costumes. Recreate the iconic transformation of sweet Sandy into a fearless fashion icon with these costumes. Pair with high heels and an attitude to match, and you're all set to rule the school or take off in your flying car!

Danny Grease Costumes

Danny Grease Costume

Embody the ultimate cool guy of Rydell High with our Danny Grease Costumes. With the black jacket and slicked-back hair, you can sing "Summer Nights" at any costume party or prove that you have what it takes on the track team, too, and really earn some serious attention.

Beauty School Dropout Costumes

Beauty School Dropout Costume

Ever wanted to dress up as Frenchy in her unforgettable Beauty School Dropout scene? Now you can, with our perfectly pink satin outfit and matching wig. Grab the right accessories and a make-up kit or team up with a host of angel-winged movie stars to make this a memorable look.

Grease Cheerleader Costumes

Grease Cheerleader Costume

Get in the game and root for Rydell High with our Grease Cheerleader Costumes. Sure, everyone recognizes the usual looks, but this outfit is perfect for those who love the more traditional school spirit embodied by Patty Simcox. Pair with a perky attitude and pep to spare today!

Pink Ladies Costumes

Pink Ladies Costume

For the ladies who set the style bar high at Rydell High, we've got our Pink Ladies Costumes. Recreate the iconic look of Rizzo, Frenchy, Marty, and Jan. Pair it with confidence, and you're ready to rule the schoolyard. Team up with the gals for the ultimate group look or strut out in style to honor the TV series that has captivated our attention, too!

T-Birds Costumes

T-Birds Costume

Become a part of the coolest clique in school with our T-Birds Costumes. Rock the slicked-back hair, roll up those sleeves, and don't forget the all-important leather jacket. You'll look like you stepped straight out of the iconic 'Greased Lightnin' scene. Pick your favorite character from the patches or make sure that you're the leader of the group with the stylish looks of Danny Zuko!