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The King of Monsters deserves some kingly gifts, or his fans do at least! When you shop our selection of Godzilla gifts, you’ll find something for every fan of the iconic movie monster! Pick up a Godzilla toy that is perfect for both collectors and young fans. Or grab unique Godzilla merchandise like blankets and costumes that are sure to bring the legendary kaiju back from the depths of the sea!
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Products 1 - 52 of 52

There will always only be one King of monsters. Who else would it be other than Godzilla? He's got the brawn. He's got the brains. As soon as he stepped out of the waves on the coast of Japan, he tipped the scales. Before he came around monsters were limited to dusty, archaic mummy and Frankenstein's creation. Want more timeless colossal influences in your life? If so, investing in Gozilla gifts might be the way to go!

The thing is a timeless theme works for any occasion. No one grows out of loving this larger than life figure. So once you realize that someone in your life is a fan of Godzilla; Christmases, Birthdays, and Groundhogs Day is covered for years to come. Godzilla merchandise ranges from the over-the-top wild gifts such as realistic PVC figures that bring the movies into the room with water details and a tiny ship to complete the lizard's giant presence. Or if you're looking for a little something for your kiddo's stocking, choosing a figure from the Godzilla mini-series Blind Box will be a delight. When it comes to Godzilla, you have a giant range of prices and literal sizes. 

You might feel a little limited when it comes to buying Godzilla apparel, but don't get boxed in. You're not limited to t-shirts or sweatshirts. Instead, think out of the box. In fact, why not think boxers? Yep, these monster undies will make gift recipients ready for anything. The fitted nature of the Men's boxer brief makes sure your Godzilla fan feels comfortable kicking back and watching a monster flick as well as sprinting through the streets from a colossal, city-destroying lizard. Pretty slick, huh? The best part is, you get all the fun of the underwear you might have worn as a kid with a much more grown-up style that any onlookers that happen to pass by are sure to admire!

Godzilla has been around for a long time. More than half a century, in fact! So it makes sense that, through years of people delighting in their fear of the colossal, car munching lizard, we've come up with quite a few Godzilla gifts to spread said-delight to other areas of our lives. From blankets to keep you warm while watching the classics to clothing to help you start up conversations about the timeless scaley beast, there are plenty of products to celebrate the legend we know as Godzilla!