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Embrace the Ghostbusters legacy with our collection, featuring action figures, Funko figures, statues, and authentic replica props. Each piece invites fans to feel part of the team, capturing the adventure and spirit of the franchise. From detailed Ghostbusters collectible figures to iconic memorabilia, our selection is a call to fans to buy and cherish a piece of this timeless saga. Join the ranks and celebrate your love for Ghostbusters!
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Products 1 - 5 of 5

We know that bustin' makes you feel good (you know, like the song says). It makes us feel good too. That's why we have a whole selection of Ghostbusters Collectibles for you to choose from. You can put one on your desk, by your bed or even on your head! (We don't recommend trying to use any of these statues as hats, but we wanted to let you know that you're free to attempt it).

Every true Ghostbusters fan knows the exhilaration of having a piece of the action sitting right on their shelf. It's more than just owning a Ghostbusters collectible; it's about feeling as if you've been inducted into the ranks of those who've donned the iconic jumpsuits and proton packs, ready to take on Slimer, Gozer, and any spectral threats that come your way. These treasures transform your space into a personal headquarters of paranormal activity.

Step into our world, where action figures come to life, depicting the beloved characters in their ghost-busting prime. From Venkman’s wry smile to Spengler’s focused gaze, each Ghostbusters collectible figure is a tribute to the spirit and adventure of the franchise. These meticulously crafted figures are a must-have, capturing the essence of each character with astonishing detail.

But the adventure doesn't stop there. Our shelves are also home to an array of Funko figures, each with its unique charm and whimsy. These stylized icons, with their oversized heads and expressive eyes, bring a fun twist to the Ghostbusters saga. Whether it’s a classic character or a beloved ghost, these figures add a playful spirit to your collection.

For those who seek a more imposing presence, our statues stand as a testament to the Ghostbusters’ legacy. These pieces are sculpted with precision, capturing the heroes in moments of triumph. Towering and detailed, they are a bold statement for any fan’s collection.

Delve further into authenticity with our Ghostbusters replica props. These replicas are crafted for the fans who wish to not just remember the movie moments but to live them. Each piece is a gateway to reliving the adventures, making you an honorary member of the team.

Beyond these, our selection of Ghostbusters memorabilia encompasses a range that will enchant any enthusiast. From wearable accessories to display-worthy artifacts, every item invites you to celebrate the legacy and lore of Ghostbusters in your everyday life.

As you explore, remember that each Ghostbusters figurine, each replica, and every piece of memorabilia is a call to keep the spirit alive. This is your moment to buy a part of history, to shop for items that resonate with courage, humor, and the timeless battle against the spectral. Embrace the excitement, join the ranks of fans and collectors, and let your collection be a beacon for all who love Ghostbusters. After all, who wouldn't want to keep a piece of that iconic universe close by?