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The Five Nights at Freddy's saga goes way longer than five nights! What is the truth behind the creepy animatronics and the terrifying events that have befallen Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, the Sister Location, and even out into the city! Bring the epic game series that just keeps spooking us all with our collection of FNAF costumes. We can promise these ones aren't haunted... (probably).
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Products 1 - 10 of 10

If you are just starting out the fun of Five Nights at Freddy's, you might find yourself a little surprised by the fact that there is way more out there than you might have imagined! Not only are there several main entries, from FNAF and its numeric sequels to Sister Location and even a Pizzeria Simulator, but there are side games such as the VR: Help Wanted and even Freddy in Space! There are a few novels and countless hours of streamed content online that all try to answer some of the mysteries of this popular Indie series! 

Well, we're happy to help you sort through the mysterious characters, animatronics, and the confounding lore that lays hidden in this seemingly friendly restaurant chain! 

Freddy Fazbear is the main guy. During the daytime, Freddy is a jolly and cheerful kind of bear and the leader of the animatronic band. He changes things up from game to game, even appearing in a Golden Freddy version. But, when the place closes down, he goes into free-roaming mode. All of a sudden, that laid-back laughter is a bit creepier! That's bad news for any security guard walking around the place. For some mysterious reason, Freddy seems to think that any human roaming the halls at night needs to be shoved into a Freddy suit! (With all those servos inside, that's not exactly healthy for a living person.) 

Foxy the Pirate is the next on our list. His crimson fur is a bit tattered and shows that he's been through some things. (Let's not forget that hook on the right hand and the eyepatch, either.) And, boy, do those teeth look pointy. Foxy talks with a typical piratey accent and has one heck of an issue with small spaces and being around other people. (You'd think that would keep him from shoving folks into animatronics, don't you think!?) 

Bonnie the Rabbit is a violet-blue hare with really big eyes and rather bulging biceps. (Does he need them for the guitar that he plays in the band?) Those ears can bend all over the place to listen for anyone's movements. So, take care while poking around and looking for secrets throughout the restaurant. You'd think Bonnie's hippie persona would help him feel at peace but he's pretty insistent that you join the band for good! 

Chica the Chicken is quite a fan of delicious treats. From her "Let's Eat" bib to the snacking sounds she makes in the kitchen, she's all about diving headfirst into some gluttony. Let's just hope that when Chica catches folks that she's just stuffing them into animatronic suits, too. The alternative image is just too scary to think of! 

There are a ton of other stories that make the world of FNAF even more interesting, but we'll leave you to figure those things out yourself. In the meantime, whether you're going for costume fun or maybe want to get the Five Nights at Freddy's nightmare animatronics to leave you alone, some of our FNAF costumes are the perfect way to blend in!