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Finding Nemo Costumes

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Do you find yourself looking for something? Lost in the midst of a vast ocean? Well, we've got some great Finding Nemo costumes that are sure to help you out. Everyone loves this family of fish and will bound to help you out. Heck, we suspect you may find that Nemo is exactly what you're looking for!
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Finding Nemo Nemo Pet Costume
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Finding Nemo Dory Costume for Dogs
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Dory Face Headband
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Infant Nemo Prestige Costume
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Child Deluxe Dory Costume
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Adult Clown Fish Costume
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Products 1 - 12 of 12

Dory might have fantastic advice for moving forward. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. But, it can be just a little bit helpful to have some direction, a guide that can help you spot exactly what you're looking for! That's why we are here, to help you navigate some of our fantastic Finding Nemo and Finding Dory costumes! 

First, it is helpful to know what kind of critters that we're dealing with.

We begin with the Clownfish! Technically, Nemo and his dad aren't even real clownfish. They look really close, but there are a few differences. Real ones live in totally different habitats, but we totally understand why Pixar went with this creature! Clownfish are named because of the broad strokes of color all over their bodies. (You know, like real clowns!) And, just like some of the spooky clowns out there, clownfish are total carnivores. Most surprising is that they live right alongside stinging anemone—you know, the little balls of tentacles living along the reef. Clownfish are immune to the stings, so they get along great thanks to their defending buddies. (So, maybe things would have gone better with those jellyfish than we thought!)

Next is the Blue Tang. Just like our buddy Nemo, Dory brings with her just a touch of confusion about the real critter. First off, not all tangs are even blue. When they're born, they're bright yellow and adult blue tangs can even swap colors up depending on what is going on in their environment. (It's a good thing Dory didn't know that or she would have turned green and totally forgotten who she was at all!) We've also got a lot of different names for fish that are really close but slightly different. Surgeonfish, Doctorfish, and the Regal Tang stand out. (So, who knows!? Maybe Dory could have been some kind of princess with a medical license!) Actually, probably not... since they're only called that because their spines are super sharp and they not only can slice away... but are also poisonous

So, with all of that information, what can we learn? Well, mostly that while the films have made these fish pretty popular, they're not meant for bringing home! These guys belong in their home in the sea. That might seem sad right away since, naturally, we all want to find a little Nemo and Dory of our own. Fortunately, we've got a perfect solution. Not only can you have all the fun you'd like with your very own exotic fish... but you and your friends and family can actually become them, too! 

We have great costume options for Nemo and Dory, both, that will have your little ones bouncing on the sofa (sorry about that) while watching the hit movies. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming! Pick up a set for yourself and you can bring the whole family in the ocean for a theme party or the best movie night you've ever had. (And, don't worry, if Nemo and Dory aren't your thing, you can always go with a giant turtle or shark. Fish are friends!)