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Have yourself a very Stranger Things Halloween when you go as one of the most iconic characters in streaming history! With one of our Eleven costumes, you can become the mysterious girl with supernatural powers from the hit TV show.
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If you're set on a Stranger Things Halloween costume, there are really only a few questions you need to consider. Most importantly, do you want superpowers, or not? There's plenty of fun to be had as any of the characters from the hit Netflix series, but there is only one with mysterious psychokinetic powers. And to play that part, you're gonna need an Eleven costume!

Who could forget some of Eleven's most memorable moments from the fan favorite series? From chowing down on waffles to battling interdimensional monsters, she's been an iconic staple of the show. She saves the butts of the boys, gets in fights with Hopper, and does whatever it takes to keep the portal to the Upside Down closed. She might not say a whole lot, but she's a heck of a hero!

To step into the part, you're going to need an officially licensed Eleven Stranger Things costume. And we have a great selection of Netflix licensed costumes! If you want to start with Eleven's memorable look from season one, you'll want an Eleven pink dress. Our Eleven Dress Costume recreates the look she's most known for, with a vintage pink dress with a collar and a smocked front. And, we have the accessories to complete the look as seen on the show, with a blue jacket, and striped athletic socks sold separately!

You might want an outfit that captures Eleven's look from other memorable moments of the series, and we can help you with that, too. One of the most debated episodes of the series was in season two when Eleven joins a punk group and dons a new look in "The Lost Sister." And, of course, we have an Eleven Halloween costume for that look with our Eleven Punk Costume. It features a black jacket, a slicked-back wig, and a wrist band to capture her intense punk style from the episode.

In season three of Stranger Things, Eleven gets to experience more of what it's like to be a normal kid, and she picks out a cute outfit at the mall while shopping with Max. Our Stranger Things Eleven Mall Costume is a great recreation of that retro look! The romper features a funky printed pattern that is totally 80s. When you wear this outfit, you'll be instantly recognizable as Eleven. You could even wear it to the mall for fun Stranger Things cosplay!