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Can you imagine Dorothy traveling to Oz in anything but her classic blue gingham dress? The classic fit and flare dress is typically trimmed in white lace. The classic style is perfect for Dorothy's other-worldly adventures. And those lovely little ruby slippers are so perfect for the yellow brick road. A great costume for people of all ages, this timeless look will be a favorite for Halloween and themed parties for years to come!
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Kansas Girl Deluxe Women's Costume1-0
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Kid's Classic Dorothy Wizard of Oz Costume
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Toddler's Classic Dorothy Wizard of Oz Costume Main_Update
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Girl's Hi-Lo Gingham Dress Costume
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Gingham Hair Bows
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Girls Ruby Slippers Red Shoes
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Wizard of Oz Kids Dorothy Wig
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Dorothy Pet Costume
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Womens Red Sequin High Heels
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Dorothy Costume for Girls
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Red Gingham Basket
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Kid's White Tights
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Women's White Tulle Petticoat
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Braided Dorothy Wig Womens
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Toto in a Basket
Products 1 - 47 of 47

When you think about packing the perfect outfit for an adventure, what kinds of clothes do you picture? If you're thinking of a khaki ensemble with a bucket hat like you might see on an old-school safari, you're not wrong but you are a little limited. Dorothy had one of the most-intense adventures of all time and she wore a flared dress, puffed sleeves, and sweet little curly pigtails. She wore a pretty blue dress, perfect for a picnic, while she was meeting strange creatures in the woods and confronting angry apple trees and a wicked witch!

Are you looking for a costume that's ripe for adventure and also timeless? Choosing a Dorothy costume is perfect for that. A Dorothy Halloween costume can open up a brand new scene. Bring a little color to your Halloween celebrations just like in the classic film! Because this is such a classic costume, we have a whole range of Dorothy costumes in a variety of sizes and styles. 

Everyone deserves a little adventure. The plus-size Dorothy costume ranges from 1X to 5X. All the blue gingham dresses are nice but they look extra amazing with a lacy petticoat for what we like to call, twirl-factor. Top that off with a little basket handbag, complete with Toto and blue gingham hair bows, and of course, the ruby red slippers, and you'll be ready to face any adventure with that Hollywood panache we know so well from Judy Garland's performance!

Dorothy isn't just for adults. In fact, choosing a toddler Dorothy costume while mom dresses up as Scarecrow, dad dresses up the Tin Man, and the dog dresses up as the Cowardly Lion will make an amazing family costume. In fact, there are still plenty of characters left for much bigger families! From the Wicked Witch to Glinda the Good Witch and even Flying Monkeys, there are amazing choices for everyone to take part in this Oz adventure. 

Are you ready to get all gussied up? Dorothy costume kids will have fun putting timeless bows in their hair and twirling in the pretty blue dress while adults will love to take elegant timeless photos, Judy Garland style. 

Dorothy's costumes are great for all sorts of events. From knee-length dresses that are perfect for family-friendly parties to a sexy Dorothy costume that will make your next party extra fun, the basics are the same: cute twirlable dresses, blue hair bows, and (say it with us) ruby red slippers! And the best part is, Dorothy costumes are a great excuse to bring your little dog along to your next costumed event. If anyone complains, they'll sound just like the Wicked Witch of the West!

We're so excited for you to find the perfect Dorothy costume for you. The blue dresses are timeless and perfect for twirling and timeless photos. Pair these costumes with knee-high socks, bows, and red slippers. Whether you're heading down the yellow brick road with a few colorful characters or heading over the rainbow solo, these Dorothy costumes are ready for your next costumed adventure!