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From the early colonists to the Salem witch trials and on to the Founding Fathers, the American colonial period has stories that impress, intrigue, and even spook anyone who hears them. Step back in time with one of our Colonial Costumes. You'll be ill-prepared like the pilgrims to spend winter on a drafty ship, but you'll look convincing enough to call the missing Roanoke citizens out of hiding and solve the centuries-old mystery.
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Products 1 - 27 of 27

Are you ready to take a trip with us back to the most epic time of U.S. history? We're talking the early days of its formation, the colonization of the New World, the writing of the Constitution, and some of the strangest collection of characters that the world would ever know! Need a little more convincing before you dive into one of our Colonial costumes? Well, let's take a tour of some of the folks that you can become! 

Well, we wouldn't have a whole lot to talk about Colonial days if it wasn't for the very first settlers. They comprised of a collection of pilgrim settlers and brave ship captains and crew! You didn't think that pilgrims and pirates were only for Thanksgiving and Peter Pan soirees, did you!? Start off your Colonial looks with a tricorn hat and a gold-trimmed coat to show that you know every inch of your beloved Santa Maria! (And, sure, you can add a hook hand or peg leg to really give you the pirate look, too.) Couple that look with the simple kind of sophistication that came from the black and white fashion of the early Pilgrims and you have what it takes to offer up the beginning of Colonial history!

You could take a few steps back across the pond to bring the look of King George, Marie Antoinette, or even Napoleon into the fold. They had some surprising moments of involvement in what was going on in our own history. Those who got high marks in their history classes are sure to give you even higher marks at your Colonial costume party when they recognize the effort you've put in! (And who doesn't love an elaborate wig or those intensive platform boots?) 

If you enjoy the history on this side of the Atlantic, you can tell the tales of the Founding Fathers. From Benjamin Franklin and George Washington to Betsy Ross and Hamilton, himself, you can tell a tale as old as the States. (In fact, you could even test out your dance moves in costumes like this to recreate the famous hip hop opera! Did someone say an Instagram parody, because we can't wait to see what you come up with!) 

Then again, maybe it is time to take a few steps forward in American history, too. Get your colonies together and go on a hunt for some of the mysteries that were taking place. Locate the hidden settlement of Roanoke and answer the question of what happened to the ghost town that time forgot! Gear up with some robes and a crooked hat and put a little life into the Salem Witch Trials. Or dress up in a costume of some of the founding fathers, add a little bit of white face paint, and you can become the ghosts of American history, too! A bit of creativity goes a long way when you couple American history with contemporary costume ingenuity! 

Find your favorite look and bring American history to bear with our collection of Colonial costumes.