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Do you have aspirations to become the ultimate hero in the galaxy? Well, all you need to do is channel the might of the Infinity Stones into yourself! Of course, if you'd rather be named after the very Marvel Comics that have delighted everyone for years, you can just wear a Captain Marvel costume and call it a day! Soar into the great beyond with powers beyond the ken of normal superheroes when you dress up in Captain Marvel couture.
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Products 1 - 11 of 11

When you think of "Marvel," you naturally think of all sorts of different superheroes. The thing is, there aren't many out there that actually share the name of the comics themselves! If you want to go with an iconic superhero whose name is truly a claim to fame, you need to look no further than Captain Marvel, herself! Of course, this hero has a really long history and there have been a few who have carried the title. (That's pretty typical of superheroes, in fact.) It turns out that you and yours are next on the list, though! 

Before you gain all the power of the galaxy, you should first get to know exactly who we're talking about! Of course, you could just queue up all the movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or we're happy to help bring some of the power to you through text. See, the very first Captain Marvel was an alien named Mar-Vell. He had miraculous powers and pulled off a number of heroic deeds, but there wasn't too much to say until his power was bestowed upon Carol Danvers. (Not to be confused with Supergirl of DC fame.) Carol acquires the power of Mar-Vell and takes on the name and code of the superhero, gaining all sorts of epic abilities. They include (but aren't limited to) galactic flight, light blasts from her fists, and more super strength than even Hulk could sniff at... (at least until he got really mad). 

Of course, the comic stories expand well beyond that. Several others borrow the power of Captain Marvel from time to time, each helping to keep the universe safe. It turns out that you might be just what we need to save our own version of Earth. Fortunately, our Captain Marvel costumes are here to help you save us all! We have adult Captain Marvel costumes that will have you looking like you flew right out of the silver screen and we have Captain Marvel costumes for kids that will show that you believe they are truly super! You can even make use of that classic Kree technology by picking your favorite color scheme. (That's a critical component to any new heroic pose, after all.) 

Deck yourself out with our accompanying Captain Marvel accessories so you're ready for any adventure, whether you're teaming up with the Guardians of the Galaxy or showing Thanos exactly what he should have been snapping for! No matter your ambition, we can assure you that your Captain Marvel dreams are about to come true. Just make sure that you have that camera on hand so you can fill your Instagram with all your epic poses.