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Are you looking for BTS gift ideas to surprise the superfan in your life? Need something to satisfy your own BTS craving? Our selection of BTS gifts can help! Build a mini idol group of your own with BTS Funko POPs. Help your bestie bring their favorite Bangtan Boy with them everywhere when you order BTS keychains. Or let their music and a BTS lamp continue lighting up your world!
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POP Rocks BTS S3 Jimin
POP Rocks BTS S3 V
POP Rocks BTS S3 Suga
POP Rocks BTS S3 J Hope
POP Keychain: BTS S2 - Dynamite- Jin
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BT21 White Urban Backpack
Sale - 25%
BTS Giant UNO Game
Sale - 29%
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Products 1 - 28 of 28

If you're a BTS fan, chances are you could tell us everything from the band members' birth dates to their Myer-Briggs Type. That's simply the impact the 7-man band has on fans. Of course, if you're one of the K-Pop group's superfans, you know what kind of merch you're looking for and hardly need us. So, go! Enjoy our unique selection of BTS gifts, and don't forget to check back often to see what new BTS and BT21 merchandise we add to the collection.

Now, if you're new to BTS or simply shopping for a BTS fan in your life, let's get to business! There is a lot to know about the global phenomenon known as BTS. But we'll address some key points while exploring a collection of BTS gift ideas.

BTS formed in 2010, but their debut was in 2013 with 2 Cool 4 Skool, and they've remained as such since! Fans looking to celebrate the group's origins will love anything inspired by RM, the first member of what was initially known as Bulletproof Boy Scouts (Bangtan Sonyeondan). Pick between full-sized Funko POPs or Funko keychains of RM.

Once RM's blue hair and boldly patterned ensemble are displayed in a collection, it'll be hard not to resist bringing the rest of the idol group home! Recreate BTS's first #1 single on the US Billboard Hot 100 when you collect Funko's stylized BTS series! Power poses, disco-era clothing, and thoughtful detailing promise this collection looks as cover-photo ready as the beloved boy band! Want to take the fun wherever you go? Or send it with the fan in your life? Grab Funko's matching keychains!

BTS has a list of accolades a mile long and is sure to grow. But as their rebranding suggests, these talented artists take their skills Beyond the Scene! Celebrate more than the 9 AMAs and South Korean Presidential awards when you shop BT21 gifts available with all our BTS merch!

From RJ's super fluffy wool coat, perfect for providing comforting hugs, to Tata's curious head and heart, BT21 gifts are a great way to surprise fans! Enjoy all sides and personalities of the BTS crew with the super kawaii characters designed and based on each! You or the BTS mega fan you're gifting are sure to feel inspired by a BT21 lamp glowing along to favorite group singles. And when you grab BT21 characters based on each individual, you're set to celebrate every solo project and triumph!

Didn't find what you were hoping for? Like BTS's legacy, this story isn't over! Check back when another BTS gift is needed to see what unique options we've added to the collection!