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Mmm... can you smell that? Smells like tasty collectibles! Bandai has been one of the top names when it comes to collectibles and we've got a whole smorgasbord of awesome items dished up for you right here. Our selection of Bandai collectibles includes highly-detailed figures based on your favorite anime characters, classy superhero figures, and even some extremely unique collectibles based on your favorite Power Rangers!
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Bandai Spirits Dragon Ball Super Hero Son Goku
Clearance  - 53%
Demon Slayer Nichirin Sword Bandai Spirits Proplica
Clearance  - 39%
One Piece Ulti (Glitter of Ha) Bandai Spirits Ichi
Clearance  - 56%
Demon Slayer Proplica Rengoku Broken Nichirin Sword
Clearance  - 50%
Bandai Spirits Figuarts Mini Demon Slayer Tanjiro
Clearance  - 70%
Dr Stone Tsukasa Shishio Figuarts Mini Figure
Clearance  - 63%
One Piece Ichibansho Usopp Figure
Sale - 31%
Bandai Spirits Figuarts Mini Demon Slayer Kyojuro
Clearance  - 65%
Bandai Spirits One Piece Ichibansho Rob Lucci (Due
Clearance  - 50%
Demon Slayer Yushiro Vol 22 Statue
Clearance  - 68%
Dr Stone Kohaku Figuarts Mini Figure
Clearance  - 57%
One Piece Red Sanji Figure
Sale - 31%
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Luna Sofvimates Statue
Sale - 20%
Products 1 - 60 of 137

Every collector starts somewhere. Us? We started with just a few trinkets and vinyl figures here and there. But then, we wanted to step up into the higher echelon of collecting. We wanted to experience the extremely awesome figures and statues the could stand proudly in the middle as a high-quality centerpiece. Then, we found Bandai collectibles!

Bandai has been a clear leader when it comes to the world of collectibles. The company has been around since 1950. They're one of top toy producers in the world, especially high-end toys that were made for display purposes! They're the big leagues, and we've put together a collection of some of the coolest Bandai figures around.

For starters, we carry a ton of Dragon Ball Bandai figures and statues. Inspired by Akira Toriyama's amazing artwork, our collectible figures come in all varieties. Whether you want a classic action figure from the days of Dragon Ball, or you want a brand new Bandai collectible from the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super, we have a figure for every fan.

But we don't stop at Dragon Ball Z when it comes to anime collectibles from Bandai. We also carry some centerpiece figures from other great anime series, like Sailor Moon, Naruto, and more. If you want a Usagi statue to place on your desk, or you want Naruto Uzumaki ready to get wild with one of his Rasengan attacks, we have the Bandai figure to match your taste!

You can also find your favorite movie characters within our selection of Bandai collectibles. They make a series of figures based on Marvel characters, like Captain America and Black Panther. You can even find some of your favorite witches and wizards from the halls of Hogwarts with their line of Harry Potter Bandai figures. With such a wide selection, it's tough to even know how to upgrade your collection!

Finally, we have to give the Star Wars fans something! Bandai has created some really stellar collectible figures that capture the essence of the movies. You can find Darth Vader and Stormtroopers inspired figures, along with some really amazing samurai depictions of classic characters. They're truly a work of art that will become an instant favorite within your collection.

If you're looking to upgrade your collection, or you just want to find the coolest new collectibles from Bandai, then you've come to the right place. We have something for every collector right here!