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Everybody knows anime action figures and anime statues are great. But there was a time long ago when watching anime or having anime toys, was taboo. Weebs had to be careful not to say too much to the uninitiated, in fear of scoffs. The daring would hide anime plush in their backpacks. True daredevils would hide mangas inside books to conceal what was actually being read—greatness. Anime is life and we are here to celebrate it in all of its glory.
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

We thought of an invention. Here us out. You grab your anime collectible, and for 24 hours, you get to live their lives, abilities, and all. We haven't worked out the kinks quite yet, but that aside, wouldn't that be a fantastic invention?! Not just because we get to swing around anime swords (oh, please exist one day), but we get to experience the best part about anime, relating to the character and their trials. We get to see how they respond to their strict upbringing. We watch them as they suffer great pain but find a way to preserve. We watch them train day after day until they not only reach their goals but surpass them. Pressure makes diamonds, and if anime has taught us anything, it's that you get extraordinary powers when everything is said and done. When it comes to struggles in anime, Funko Pop! definitely knows their stuff. Take the My Hero Academia- 10" Infinite Deku with Eri Vinyl Figure. We had to watch Deku get wrecked over and over by his own quirk. We never thought he would be able to use 100% of One-for-All once, let alone continuously. Fans of the show will remember the tear-jerking moment when Deku finally saves Eri—beautiful. We can't talk about Eri and Deku without mentioning our Mirio in Hero Costume Vinyl Figure. When he finally got his powers back, it was like WE got our powers back. Mirio was arguably next in line to be the greatest hero and almost received One-for-All until All Might saw Midorya's hero spirit. That isn't all we have. If you like Dragon Ball Z toys, you are definitely in the right place. Bandai has several anime statues close to the real thing; it's kind of scary (like roller-coaster scary, not dark alley scary). Seeing Goku and Vegeta doing their signature attacks forces you to reminisce about the days when you rushed home from school to catch Toonami. If you are looking for something a little softer (figurative and literally), then you have to check out our anime plushies. They are cute, cuddly, and awesome all at the same time. Who doesn't want to have their very own Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Rumbling Plush or a Kakashi Naruto x Hello Kitty 13 Inch Plush Doll? Here at, we embrace all that is anime. We love Dragon Ball Z because it shows us that you are never too old to train (look at Master Roshi). My Hero Academia shows us that there is always an upside no matter what hand you are dealt if you try your best. We could go on and on (don't even get us started with the power of friendship), but no matter what show you prefer there is bound to be an anime toy and collectible to fit your taste.