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Celebrate all the action and drama of your favorite anime series and characters with our selection of anime action figures! Find posable action figures for reliving epic moments. Display high-detailed statues that are as artistic as they are awesome. Or enjoy the sweeter side of anime with super kawaii versions of some rather rough-and-tumble icons!
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Hunter x Hunter - Gon Acryl
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Hunter x Hunter - Hisoka Acryl
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Junji Ito Collection Slug Girl Acrylic
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Products 1 - 23 of 23

Your shelves are filled with manga. Your walls? Covered in glossy posters and fanart prints from your favorite anime adaptations. Even your closet has a collection of graphic t-shirts and costumes that pay tribute to iconic characters. The only thing you’re missing? A display of anime figures! Luckily, you’re here where we have everything from figurines to statues to get that epic display started!

Like many, Dragon Ball may have been your first taste of anime. Stand as proud as Piccolo with articulated action figures. With their high attention to detail and multiple points of movement, you can recreate the moments that captured your attention and heart. Or make time stand still, ensure the series never ends, with statues representing Goku in super Saiyan form or even after properly performing the Fusion Dance with Vegeta.

Are you enjoying more recent anime and manga like Demon Slayer or My Hero Academia? Our selection keeps up with figures from both and more! Recruit some amateur heroes to your display or gather a team that knows how to just breathe when things get out of hand. Deku has determination enough for everyone, so whether he’s the first to your shelf or newest among many, you’ll be off to a strong start! But maybe a human turned demon turned demon slayer is more your speed, give Tanjiro a new place to rest and practice his breathing. Either way, with superhuman youths hanging around, your anime collection will be ready for any new good guy or bad guy that joins the crew.

Did you know Boruto’s dad has an entire anime series? Of course, you did! The number one most unpredictable ninja is known the world over and your collection wouldn’t be complete without at least one Naruto figure. And while we’re at it, don’t forget that other epically long and beloved series One Piece. While Naruto’s story carries on through his son, One Piece continues the journey from the beginning and our available figures capture stand-out moments for you to keep! Whether it’s Gaara that gets your anime heart fluttering or Monkey D. Luffy with his adventurous spirit, we’d never let you go without these favorites in your collection.

Not finding the anime character that needs to be in your collection here? Explore our even larger collection of anime gifts! From Funko figures to Bandai statues that belong in a museum, we have options for every anime fan. Or, check back often to see what’s new in our expansive selection. At fun, we’re always working to bring, well, the fun to all our customers and whether that’s through anime collectibles or apparel for you, we’ll get you taken care of!