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With a Woof, woof here and an oink, oink there... there a roar there a howl. Everywhere a neigh, neigh! There's so much more to our animal collection than the animals in Old McDonald's farm (no offense to the traditional oinkers and mooers). Whether you're looking for a big, bad wolf or a cozy sea creature kigurumi, you've got options from farm animals to party animal costumes! Check out our large selection for all your animal costume ideas.
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Products 1 - 11 of 11

Trying to decide which animal you should be for Halloween? You could start by pulling out the old animal See n’ Say that’s hiding in your parent’s garage in a box labeled kid’s toys. All you have to do is pull the lever, let the arrow spin, and then take its shout of the cat says meow as recommendation for your costume. Or you can simply take a look through our wild selection of animal costumes to find the look that’s perfect for you! Whether you’re looking for a playful puppy, fierce tiger, or hilarious sloth our large selection of animal costumes has something for everyone.

Start with an accessories kit that you can wear with your favorite everyday outfit. Simple and fun, you’ll find sets that include ears, tails, and even mitts that turn your fingers into claws and paws. The versatile kits work for adults and children and leave your options open when it comes to going sweet or spicy with your animal character!

Is your child playing the lobster in the school nativity play? Maybe they want to throw a zoo-themed costume party for their birthday? Either way, our selection of animal costumes for kids is sure to please! With sizes for infants, toddlers, tweens, and teens, every kiddo on your list will find an animal Halloween costume to fit their needs. When you shop with us, your kid will be ready to re-sing that earworm of a tune about sharks, relive the fun of their favorite movie, or explore their world as a darling deer.

Head to your next Halloween party in an animal costume for adults. Whether you want to show off your sultry side with a catsuit and kitty ears or impress the crowd with your very convincing dinosaur portrayal, there’s an option in our selection. Take a trip down memory lane with jumpsuits based on your favorite cartoon animals or build your own Frankenstein animal out of all our costumes and accessories. No matter how you choose to tap into your animal instincts, our selection of costumes is here to help.

Don’t forget your constant companion. Our selection of animal costumes for dogs will let your favorite four-legged friend get in on the fun. Turn Fido into a mad-man with their own suit and wig. Or see what it would be like to have a giant pet spider that gives kisses in exchange for treats! Whether they tag along for some trick-or-treating or help you complete your animal costume, getting your pet involved is sure to delight!